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EMUI 10 licks to demonstrate Huawei Android Q.

Huawei has already confirmed that Android Q will be heading for a handful of its smartphones, but the future is becoming increasingly unclear for the time being. Today, however, an early version of EMUI 10 based on Android Q has been released showing what Huawei is working on.

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Shared by FunkyHuawei.club this The early construction of EMUI 10 was confirmed by XDA Developers as being based on Android Q. They managed to get it up and running on a P30 Pro to confirm that it's real, but since it's an early pre-release, the changes are still relatively small.

There are not too many changes visually displayed on the entire UI, where XDA states that the starter, status bar, quick settings, notifications, and settings are the same as EMUI 9.1. The Settings menu includes the new Android Q permissions controls in EMUI 10, including the Useful Location Only During Use feature. It should also be noted that the user interface of the camera has been slightly changed.

WinFuture highlighted screenshots of EMUI 10 in Android Q's new dark mode. The darkened theme spans the Settings app and the Google search widget on the homescreen.

In addition, it is unclear what Huawei has in store for EMUI 10. Apparently, some users who have installed the leaked build find that this is the case Significantly faster than EMUI 9.1. Apparently, the build's overall stability is also pretty solid, as "no major issues" were reported by early impressions. With Huawei's Android license, the company can actually provide this build to its customers.

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