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Endgame 'blew me away – BGR

Marvel decided to reissue Avengers: Endgame two months after its premiere and on time for Spider-Man: Far From Home which will launch on July 2nd. But as we approach Far From Home we learn all sorts of things about the new Spider-Man Adventure . Credits scenes in the end. Or like the fact that the best theories we've seen after Endgame become real after the launch of Far From Home .

Endgame is by far the best MCU movie date, packing a lot of content that fans of these films appreciate. We have many recalls for previous films, funny dialogues, epic battle scenes and a lot of heartbreak. Like other Marvel films, Endgame also provides the buzzword, including some gems that became popular memes shortly after the premiere. There is one among them that is equally staggering and heartbreaking, and you probably know which one to refer to.

I love you 3000 Morgan tells Tony Stark after telling her that he loves her tons and then Tony repeats it in his recording that they are playing at his funeral. I love you 3000 immediately became a hit with the fans, especially because we have lost Iron Man in this the best possible theory for it. Adding all the runtimes of all MCU movies to the end of Phase 3, including Far From Home will give you exactly 3000 minutes of content. But that would only work if Far from Home is exactly 1

29 minutes long.

When this theory was first published, we had no idea how long Spider-Man 2 would last. or if the 3000 phrase had something to do with it. Since then, however, we have learned that the sentence actually comes from the children of Robert Downey Jr., and so he came into the film.

But guess what happened? Far From Home is exactly 129 minutes long, according to the British Board of Film Classification. You have to love it 3000.

Even though I love you 3000 is all about RDJ's children, which in itself is a nice thing, Far From Home this fantastic fan-complete theory is just mind-blowing.

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