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Endgame meetings that we absolutely want to see – BGR

In about a month Avengers: Endgame will deliver the epic finale of The Infinity Saga and we already know what to expect. The Avengers will win "whatever it takes" because Doctor Strange has already told us that they will win. Sure, some may die and / or retire, but the MCU will be safe again. But no matter what happens in Avengers 4 no matter how complicated the conspiracy will be, and no matter how happy we are, we want two important meetings to take place. And now we have a huge leak that seems to confirm one of those moments.

The scene we wanted to see in the Infinity War Infinity War when Tony Stark and Steve Rogers met for the first time at the end of the Civil War never happened. Every hero fought with Thanos, but they did it in different places and they could never talk to each other. This is probably one of the emotional events of Endgame and it will happen relatively early in the film. After all, we know that Captain Marvel arrives on the Avengers property in the days following the simultaneous battles between Titan and Wakanda, and that the Benatars will eventually reach Earth.

The second scene concerns another hero couple: Hulk and Thanos. Infinity War began with the fight of the two giants, with Hulk standing at the end of a fight he could remember. Undoubtedly, the rematch comes soon, although Hulk has largely hidden in the Infinity War . As you can see in the picture below, toy manufacturers are already selling a Hulk & Thanos Bommel pack that annoys the epic battle Endgame

. The set is an exclusive Barnes & Noble product, featuring the Hulk of Endgame . As you can easily see, Hulks wears the special armor we've seen in previous toy leaks, but also in the second trailer Endgame . Although the Russo brothers will tell you that toys do not always tell the whole story, this particular leak can not easily be denied. Hulk comes back and will wear one of those chic white armor. And if he does not hold Thanos behind the sticker, those two are likely to fight it again.

As for Thanos, he is here in full combat gear, complete with helmet and Infinity Gauntlet.

The same runner shared a Captain America bobblehead, which will be a hot topic exclusively.

In addition, the new Avengers figures were leaked up. We look at two different sets of two heroes each. Captain America works with Captain Marvel while Thor is paired with Rocket Raccoon.

What's interesting is that Thor and Rocket both have the same white Avengers suits we have not seen on trailers yet. Marvel has so far only featured some of the heroes who wore the new armor, but neither Thor nor Rocket were included in the scene.

Also interesting is the election of Hasbro for Captain America's suit. He wears a costume with a lot of blue. Maybe too much blue?

The same set includes a Hulk figure in a new Avengers uniform.

Image Source: Marvel Studios

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