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England's Ben Stokes makes an absurd catch in the Cricket World Cup opener

This year's World Cup Cricket World Cup opened on Thursday in London when hosts England played South Africa. Here, the English all-rounder Ben Stokes made this spectacular backward pace as he ran to the frontier to fire the batsman Andile Phehlukwayo, whom the commentator described as "one of the greatest catches of all time":

Stokes' overall outstanding performance of 89 79 ball runs scored to help England to 311-8 in the opening innings. He tracked his superhuman catch by taking two South African wickets in successive balls. (If you need a refresher on what the last two sentences mean, Deadspin has once published this highly helpful guide.)

Cricket is considered a lengthy and somewhat boring game, but World Cup matches are played in one day only International format, a limited oversized form of sport that aims to create moments of magic and intense excitement like these. A few years ago, I spent a week in India to watch my senile great-uncle cricket – may he rest in peace – which apparently made me more qualified than any other Deadspin employee to write this blog. It's a fun game if you understand what's going on. It's especially fun if you have an angry older man who tells you how to respond to what's happening.

The Cricket World Championship lasts until July 14 Find out the rules and learn why you should continue to value Stokes Fang.

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