There are 22 sites under the control of the National Parks Service in Arizona
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Visitors to US national parks will pay US $ 5 more starting on June 1, the fee increase will be introduced, the National Park Service announced Thursday.

The cost of a seven-day pass to the Grand Canyon and other popular national parks rises to $ 35 per vehicle, a modest increase compared to the originally proposed $ 70 that would be charged during peak hours in the 17 most visited parks Service.

The $ 5 increase imposed in all national parks charging entry fees was introduced after the original proposal received fierce public criticism. 19659008] MORE: Arizona National Park Visitors Guide

Extra money spent on repairs, maintenance



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19659015] The NPS The same applies to $ 11.6 billion in deferred maintenance in 417 parks, monuments and historic sites.

"Repair of infrastructure also means access for all Americans," said Interior Minister Ryan Zinke in a statement. "Not all visitors to our park have the opportunity to hike with a 30-pound pack and camp miles away in the wilderness from utilities so that families with small children, older grandparents, or people with disabilities can enjoy the parks, we need basic Reconstruct infrastructure such as roads, paths, lodges, toilets and visitor centers. "

Grand Canyon has Project Jam

Tourists pose for a selfie at the Grand Canyon National Park. [Photo: Sophia Kunthara / Cronkite News]

The Grand Canyon, which reached nearly 6 million people in 2017 and is the second most visited after the Great Smoky Mountains, has its share of maintenance and infrastructure. A Transcanyon aqueduct has suffered numerous breaks, and the park's busiest roads are currently under repair.

The NPS said that 80 percent of the ticket prices remain in the park in which they are collected.

Visitors entering the Grand Canyon National Park on foot pay $ 20 (US $ 15) and motorcyclists $ 25 (US $ 20). The park's annual pass increases from $ 60 to $ 70.

In 2016, the NPS collected $ 119 million in entrance fees. The increase should amount to another $ 60 million per year, according to valet parking.

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