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EPA discussion points down the role of human activity in climate change

"Although there is extensive research and a multitude of published reports on climate change, there are still clear gaps, including our understanding of the role of human activity and what we can do about it," HuffPost said Wednesday and Wednesday later by the EPA confirmed to CNN.

"Human activity affects our climate in some way," says another point of conversation. "The ability to accurately measure and act upon the degree and magnitude of these impacts is subject to ongoing debate and dialogue."

  EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt suggests that climate change could help people

[19659002] The eight topics of discussion have been distributed by the Public Relations Agency to EPO Communications Directors and Regional Public Affairs Directors and sent by email internally. Joel Scheraga, Senior Advisor to the Climate Adaptation Bureau

Without changing the agency's climate approach An EPA spokesperson said in a statement: "The discussion points were developed by the Office of Public Affairs, and the agency's work on climate adaptation continues under the direction of Dr. Scheraga."

One of the topics of conversation Also, that the agency promotes science that helps states, communities and tribes should be aware of the planning and response be advised on extreme events and environmental emergencies. "

The EPA has treated the problem of climate change differently under the leadership of Scott Pruitt, who has acknowledged that climate change is a reality, but has questioned the extent to which it is prompted by human activity and the authority of its authority to regulate it.

The last point of discussion is: "Administrator Pruitt encourages an open, transparent debate on climate change. "

At the end of last year, following an analysis of the Environmental Data and Governance Initiative, EPA removed references to climate change and renewable energy from several of its websites, and the term" climate change "emerged in the draft EPA's four-year strategic plan
A special report on climate change published last year by the US Global Change Research Program, including the EPO, concluded that "man's influence since the mid-20th century is the dominant one The reason for the observed warming is "and that" there is no convincing alternative explanation. "

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