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Epidural needle stuck in the woman's spine for 14 years after C-Section

A woman in California who has had back pain for 14 years after the birth of her son has now discovered that part of an epidural needle has been embedded in her spine for more than a decade, reports Wednesday.

Amy Bright, 41, gave birth to her sixth and youngest son, Jacob, in 2003 through a caesarean section at a naval hospital in Jacksonville, Florida.

However, two months after her birth in the C area, she got severe back pain, which continued for more than a decade. In November 2017, a CT scan showed a 3-inch block of the needle in her spine, according to the Daily Mail.

The needle had reportedly been discontinued when she received epidural anesthesia 1

4 years earlier and she said that it caused extensive nerve damage along with severe back pain that limited her left leg and foot.

"I was absolutely angry and upset and scared every time I move and go and bend and wind and sleep" This needle moves in my spine. For 14 years I have created scar tissue in my spine by moving this needle. I'm angry. "Bright, from De Soto, Illinois, told people.

Bright and her lawyer, Sean Cronin, claimed that the Florida hospital knew it was broken off and" caught "but did nothing, though the heavy damage could have been avoided if it was removed at the time of its C-section. "This is something that was not disclosed," Cronin said. "These needles are about 9 or 10 centimeters and they have a point at the end the provider should check to make sure they have the whole needle. "

" They knew this was in her, according to our experts, because so much of the needle was missing. And the safety notice is still in it, "he added.

 Syringe In this photograph a pharmacist handles a syringe in the consulting room of his ambulance in the city center of Bordeaux, south-west France, October 6, 2017. Photo: GEORGES GOBET / AFP / Getty Images

Cronin argued that if the needle had been removed immediately 14 years ago, the pain and nerve damage his client felt could have been avoided, but it could now be taken Paralyze Bright Bright for the rest of her life.

Bright added that she will now need painkillers and physiotherapy to deal with the damage caused to her for the rest of her life.

"It's too the pun come, where it burns constantly. I am very afraid of my future. [My leg] is getting weaker, "Bright said. I'll probably be in a wheelchair. It's scary because I do not know. "

" I do not know what my future holds. I am very paranoid and anxious, "she said.

Over the years, Bright has consulted several physicians and prescribed painkillers, muscle relaxants, and other medicines to deal with their back pain.

" It feels like Fire, like a poker next to my tailbone. Sometimes he shoots the left side of my leg off my calf and then down and into my foot, "explained Bright.

The doctors had initially suspected that the pain was due to sciatica, a symptom of leg pain, Tingling, numbness, or weakness running down the lower back of the sciatic nerve in the back of the leg, which is typically treated with an epidural shot.

The CT scan that was performed last fall was intentional for the sciatica

Bright said she had not talked to her children about the problem because she wanted to protect it from him, especially Jacob, who is now 14 years old In 2004, at least 14 lawsuits were filed against the Florida hospital, and Bright will be the 15th person to sue the hospital for his ignorance.

In 2005, a judge paid $ 40 million to a family of two-year-olds who had brain damage after the hospital did a C-section at the right time.

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