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Equifax Violation: Your comparison questions will be answered

The payment of up to $ 700 million includes up to $ 425 million for individual compensation. With so many affected Americans, it is very likely that you will be able to claim compensation for the settlement.

And when so many names, addresses, dates of birth, and social security numbers become known, you could still be at risk for identity theft in the long run.

You must know that.

The EquiFax Web site Cleanup Web site provides a lookup tool that helps you find out if your data has been compromised.

What do I do? Do you receive the money?

If you want to get 10 years of free credit monitoring – or $ 125 if you already have ongoing credit monitoring ̵

1; you can claim.

You can choose whether you want to receive the payment at home as a check or as a debit card after final approval by the court, which is set for December 19.

What if my identity was stolen?

After the comparison, you According to FTC, you are entitled to seven years of "free identity recovery". If you discover that your personal information has been misused, you can call the FTC's settlement manager for help.

Should I unsubscribe? Lose your rights against Equifax and you can still file your own lawsuit against the company.

Anyone who can prove that he has hit over $ 125 can get $ 25 for every hour he spends collecting his life in the wake of an Equifax identity theft. This deal is limited to $ 20,000. Do not decline if you want this option.

If you believe that your personal injury as a result of the breach of the data exceeds $ 20,000, you can speak to your lawyer about a separate lawsuit. However, you must ensure that you disable this billing class first.

How do I exclude myself?

If you are one of the Americans whose data has been disclosed, you can do so by sending a letter with a "Request for Exclusion" that was postmarked no later than 19 November.

If you exclude yourself, you retain the right to sue Equifax yourself if you wish to do so because of allegations related to the 2017 data breach.

What if I do nothing?

If you do not do anything, you give up your right to sue Equifax in the future, and you give the 125 or 10 years of $ to free credit monitoring by comparison.

Your revocation period ends on November 19, and your period for filing a claim based on this settlement ends on January 22.

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