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Equipped with an ankle bracelet, Bill Cosby is a prisoner in his home

PHILADELPHIA – Two days after his conviction, Bill Cosby has already begun his life as a prisoner – though his surroundings are far nicer than they are likely to be in a few months.

A judge says that Cosby will be confined to the same suburban Philadelphia mansion, where jurors shut he stunned and harassed a Temple University women's basketball administrator, ordering him equipped with a GPS ankle bracelet to monitor compliance. Judge Steven O'Neill decided Friday that the 80-year-old comedian is only allowed to leave his home to meet with his lawyers or go to the doctor, and he has to get permission first.

It was the last sign of Cosby's past ̵

1; a filthy double life that lolled his carefully cultivated image as America's father – had finally caught up with him.

Cosby was sentenced on Thursday in three cases for serious indecent assault and now faces the prospect of leaving the rest of his life behind bars. His team blasted the retrial as a "public lynch law" and began focusing on a vocation.

Lawyers unconnected to the case said the defense could have a victorious argument.

Prosecutors testified that five other women were also abused by the former TV star, but the strategy that secured them a conviction could also serve as a template for his lawyers to overturn the jury's verdict.

Christopher Adams, a defender whose clients Former NBA star Jayson Williams said the judge's decision to admit the statement of "previous evil deeds" may have ruined the jury.

"It's one thing when they look at one or two, but five?" A serial attack, "he said.

Former federal prosecutor David Axelrod, who was now in private practice in Philadelphia, agreed that Cosbys Team attempted to convince an appellate court that the judge had gone too far

Constand, meanw hile, took to Twitter to thank prosecutors in their first comment on the verdict.

"The truth prevails,

  The disgraced actor is being held back to the same suburban Philadelphia estate where jurors have concluded that he is a Temple University women's basketball administrator

The disgraced performer is being locked in the suburbs of Philadelphia where the jury concluded that he stunned and sexually harassed a Temple University women's basketball administrator.

Constand first came to Police I in 2005 Claiming that Cosby had swept her out of the way with three blue pills, he called them "your friends" and then inserted their fingers into them while she lay motionless, unable to resist or say no. But the district attorney stopped a police investigation after only four weeks at that time and said the case was too weak to be prosecuted.

Current District Attorney Kevin Steele, who re-elected Cosby to the hungry jury last year, said in a statement on Friday he hoped the case "would prepare the way for future victims to approach prosecution and their allegations to be examined ".

How the jury came to their conclusion remained a mystery. O'Neil did not immediately publish the names of the seven men and five women, causing the Associated Press and other news organizations to go to court on Friday to release them.

The AP does not usually identify people who say they are victims of sexual coercion, unless they give permission as Constand did.


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