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Eric Decker announces resignation after 8 seasons

For the second time in four years, a broad-based veteran has decided to hang up his tunnels after spending his August in New England.

Patriots wideout Eric Decker announced his retirement in an Instagram post Sunday:

Much Like Reggie Wayne's short sabbatical with the Patriots in the summer of 2015, Decker saw the letter on the wall with recent denunciations. Decker had jumped off the road in the early days of the training camp. Decker pursued a series of case plagues with overwhelming preseason action. He only scored two out of seven goals for 1

2 yards against the Eagles and Panthers in the past two weeks.

Even in an exhausted New England-absorbing corps, Decker made no progress in his fight with people like Braxton Berrios, Riley McCarron and Paul Turner for last place.

Decker was the main second division with the Broncos and Jets earlier this decade, essentially a powerforward in the red zone and along the seam. Over a four-year period from 2012 to 2015, Dez Bryant and Brandon Marshall were the only major recipients to beat Decker's 41 touchdowns. He and Marshall found the end zone nine times in the same match in 2015, breaking the 1998 NFL tandem record of Cris Carter and Randy Moss with the historically explosive Vikings of 1998.

Decker kept playing until the big hips and shoulders Still high-level operations ended its 2016 season in October. After signing with the Titans last year, Decker was a shadow of his own, perhaps leaving his speed and explosiveness on the operating table at the age of 30. He failed to arouse interest in the open market until the patriots despaired earlier this month.

Decker, who is a pro-bowl pro in his best time, will finish his eight-year NFL career with 5,816 yards and 53 touchdowns at 439 receptions.

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