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Ernst opens himself over past encroachments

Sen. Joni Ernst Joni Kay ErnstTrump informs the GOP Senators that he is raging in Syria and Afghanistan: McConnell: The Senate will not pause if the government still closes. Barr calls for "border barrier" system (R-Iowa) A recent interview with Bloomberg News opened her previous experiences with attacks claiming that she had experienced attacks by her ex-husband and a friend in college.

Seriously during the interview, the allegations that were published in court documents this week raised that her husband physically assaulted her years ago during a dispute.

The Republican from Iowa, a prominent ally of President Trump Chief of the Donald John TrumpCoast guard: "Unacceptable" that the service staff must rely on dining kitchens, the donation apologizes under the shutdown of the dem US legislator to force people to work for free to force Grassley to stop drug pricing even during the interview, she said that she was from an abusive ex-boyfriend at the University of Iowa at the university was raped.

An unnamed friend in college was "physically and sexually abusive." She said that he raped her one night in his home and later threatened to kill herself if she divorced him.

She did not tell the police, she said, but alerted the campus campus for sexual assault before she ended her relationship. A man who knew Ernst at that time confessed, according to Bloomberg News, that she told him about the robbery shortly after the incident.

Ernst later wrote about volunteering in this counseling center, without announcing her previous involvement with him.

"I was embarrassed," Ernst told Bloomberg News. "I did not know how to explain it. I was so humiliated. And I'm a private person when it comes to these things.

Ernst also told the store about her allegation that her ex-husband Gail Ernst had physically assaulted her at her wedding. She said they quarreled over a woman when he "grabbed his neck and threw him onto the landing area."

"And then he hit his head on the landing," Ernst continued. "It was very sudden and very violent, it scared me."

Ernst said that she told the supporter of a victim of the incident, but decided to continue her marriage through the relationship.

"He said it would never happen again, and blah-blah-blah, and it did not," Ernst said, "but it was always this underlying threat."

She and Gail Ernst gave in Court documents Earlier this week, it turned out that Ernst asserted physical ill-treatment by him.

Gail's lawyers have so far refused to report Ernst's allegations not addressed in the court documents.

"I did not want to share With everyone, and in the era of hashtag MeToo survivors, I've always believed that every person is different and will face his demons when they're ready." Ernst told Bloomberg News, "And I was not ready. "[19659019] (function (d, s, id) {
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