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EU. the leader lights up in Trump: "With such friends who need enemies?"

BRUSSELS – Despite the stressed standards of relations between Europe and the United States in the Trump era, the Wednesday statements of the President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, were unusually incisive.

At the beginning of a summit of European leaders, whose agenda items have to deal, point by point, with the crisis flames that many Europeans consider inflamed by President Trump, Tusk tore into what he called "capricious assertiveness of the American government." He said on topics from Iran to Gaza to trade tariffs on North Korea

In comments to reporters and a subsequent tweet, he said the White House had lost touch with reality. He said that Europe does not need enemies if it has friends like the United States. And he warned European leaders not to depend on Washington.

Just 16 months ago, such comments would have come unimaginably come from an EU leader, whose continent after the Second World War was based on the US image. But Europeans are increasingly annoyed at Trump's control of US politics, protesting not only against his stance, but also against the unpredictable policies that are changing the mood of Fox News programmers. The changing desires make it almost impossible to bargain with the White House, many diplomats say, because they can not make an agreement to get closer to Trump if he does not know it himself.

Tusk, a former Prime Minister of Poland, who now heads a branch of the EU In his angry description of Trump's influence on Europe

"Looking at Donald Trump's recent decisions, you might even think of having such friends Enemies need, "Tusk told reporters in English a summit in Sofia, Bulgaria. "But frankly, Europe should be grateful to President Trump because, thanks to him, we have got rid of all the illusions, he has made it clear that if you need a helping hand, you will find one at the end of your arm."

Die European leaders have sought to save the 2015 agreement, which many Europeans consider essential to their security. Executives on Wednesday plan to discuss whether E.U. Companies that oppose US sanctions against Iran, an unusual measure with uncertain prospects of success that would nonetheless give Washington a diplomatic blow.

That came one day after many European newspapers had shown duel photos on their front pages: the radiant face of their first daughter, Ivanka Trump, opened the new US embassy in Jerusalem and the smoky carnage an hour's drive away in Gaza, where numerous Palestinian protesters from the Gaza Strip Israeli military were killed. The contrast has sparked even more European anger at Trump's foreign policy, and Gaza violence is another sign on the agenda of European leaders discussing on Wednesday in their one and a half days.

Tusk's public comment on Wednesday touched on the new US tariffs on steel and aluminum, which are due to enter into force on June 1, unless Trump grants a reprieve. EU. Negotiators have said that as one of the United States' closest trading partners, they will not make a gun to the head. There seems to be little progress in these talks. Tusk said that Europe wants to assert itself.

"We need to bring reality back into this discussion, which is not the case today."

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