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European elections 2019: Call for "urgent" change of the working brexit

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Media Signature Emily Thornberry: "Labor should work to stay in the EU." catastrophic "EU election saw the party fall to third place.

When Labor fell to third place, Deputy Chairman Tom Watson said," We urgently need a change of direction. "

Shadow Secretary of State Emily Thornberry said Labor should now campaign to remain in the EU.

But Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn said the party would" bring together our divided land. "

Da some results are not yet known, Labor was on track for less than 1

5% of the vote – worse than the party's previous lows in 2009 – and a fifth place in Scotland.

In a statement, Mr. Watson said The probable election of a "hardline Brexiter" to the conservative leader put additional pressure on Labor to change its approach. [19659004] He said, "It's no. I'm seriously worried that Tory's next prime minister will be out until October 31st is up to date and breaking out of the EU without an agreement. We can not let that happen.

"The Labor Party rightly demands parliamentary elections, but we can not vote in our current Brexit position."

Ms. Thornberry told the BBC that Labor's EU election campaign has no clarity on Brexit. "We did not realize what people wanted to hear," she said.

She said that Labor has "done everything possible to try to reach a decent exit policy from the European Union", but now it has a conservative leadership that "insists" on a consensual Brexit.

The party must be "equally clear" by supporting another referendum and working to stay, she said.

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell said the party could not "hide from the hit we made last night" and "bringing people together when there's a gap would never be easy".

Given the prospect of a "Brexiteer extremist" leading the conservative party and the threat of disagreement, Mr. McDonnell in a tweet called for a public vote on the matter.

He added that his preference for a general election was "difficult" to secure and that he would support another referendum if that was not possible.

Former Labor Communications Director Alastair Campbell told the BBC he had "for the first time in my life "voted for the Liberal Democrats.

"I had the feeling that the Labor Party has abandoned its own supporters, its members down and the country down in such a way that it has not properly managed to develop a policy that the party and the Track land together. "

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Media Title "I voted for the Liberal Democrat," says Alastair Campbell.

The shadow minister of justice admitted that it had been a "deeply disappointing night" for his party.

He told BBC Radio 4 Today that it is becoming more and more likely that a Brexit will take place without an agreement, and that Labor "must use every possible means to stop such a scenario" – including a public vote.

"Doorstep Challenge"

Corbyn accused "Tory's failure" to push through Brexit and turned the EU election into a "second proxy referendum" in which parties like the Brexit party would thrive.

He said, "If the Conservatives break up and can not govern and Parliament is deadlocked, this question will have to go back to the people, whether through parliamentary elections or a public vote.

" Work becomes our split bring together land so that we can end austerity measures and fight inequality. "

But Labor MPs disagree over Brexit, and some – like former leader Owen Smith – support a change in labor policy to stay in the EU again.

Tottenham Labor MPs demanded that David Lammy die "We can not go on with this grumpy approach to an affirmative vote," he told BBC Radio 4's Today program

] He said the party's ambiguity over Brexit had "revitalized the Liberal Democrats" and "lent to the Green Party" as well as "relieved Nigel Farage's Brexit party."

Other Labor MPs in electoral districts such as Don Valley MP Caroline Flint said it was a "mistake" for the party to appeal only to the remaining voters.

Labor leader Ian Lavery told BBC Radio 4 That the results were disappointing, but the Conservatives fared worse and suffered a "whiteout".

He said, "We are the party that is trying to bring everyone together. It was a challenge to direct that view to the front door."

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