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Eva Marcille lives in "several places" to hide from ex-Kevin McCall

Eva Marcille has taken the necessary steps to protect herself and her 5-year-old daughter Marley Rae.

In the Sunday night episode "Real Housewives of Atlanta," the model said she lives in various locations for fear that her ex-boyfriend Kevin McCall might fall.

"I still have a sense of threat," says 34-year-old Marcille. "I had to move five times and still feel uncomfortable. He is so petty sometimes. I've been to my balcony before and he was in the dark. And it's the scariest feeling ever. She claims McCall finds ways to track her down, adding, "That's why I live in different places. Safety is a priory for me. "

Marcille, who knotted with Michael Sterling in 201

8, had to explain himself after a woman claimed she was lying about her living conditions and her finances.

  Eva Marcille and Michael Sterling
Eva Marcille and Michael Sterling Getty Images

The winner of the "Top Model" explained in part: "We do not disclose our address. We have several addresses. Some are aliases. We have to move. "

McCall, 33, went to Twitter on Sunday to say that he is not perfect, but he is not the person Marcille paints on TV.

" Trust me, I'm not perfect at anger ! " McCall tweeted ." I've completed the Anger management to study the alienation of my children and to know how to stop the victim to control my situation and the overall outcome. "

A fan tweeted that McCall was" crazy as hell "and so it's" documented. "McCall denied everything and asked for evidence.

" It's sad to use my name for her act. If I were the husband, I'd say, "Real hoe from Atlanta is yours, or are you still obsessed with your child's father, why is he so obsessed in our story that I do not need the headline for our relationships?" he added .

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