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Eve online developers ban US lobbyists for corruption in the game

Today, the sea buckthorn sandbox MMO Eve Online blurs the line between reality and play. The developer CCP has beaten the Banhammer against Brian Schoeneman, the lobbyist of US sea law outside of the game, and elected the official "Brisc Rubal". Reason: Corruption: Announcement that Schoeneman abused his position as a member of the Council of Stelllar Management to pass on "confidential information" that would allow another player to "engage in illegal transactions in the game". His accounts were permanently removed from the game and his co-conspirators were suspended for one year.

For those who are not up to date with Eve Online, the Council of Stellar Management (CSM) is a small group of democratically elected players who interact directly with the developers you can read on their official site. It will give you a deeper insight into the inside of the MMO and give the CCP a more compact, coherent feedback from the players. Membership in the CSM includes adherence to a strict code of conduct and compliance with confidentiality agreements. According to the CCP, Schöneman did not follow the rules and abused the system in favor of his alliance.

Skulduggery, Backstabbery and Theft are common on Eve Online but are usually within the rules of the game. See the story of this space station theft or a group of big money players who have in the end financed a galaxy-shattering conflict. However, these examples did not involve any CSM members who met the man behind the curtain, so to speak. A video example of this blur was a video that Schoeneman used in his campaign to choose the CSM. Regrettably and predictably, it includes the slogan "Make Eve Great Again":

Schoeneman claimed on Twitter that he was innocent and that the CCP did not give him any clarity have reason for his ban and his removal from his seat. Just a few minutes ago, he announced via Reddit "to combat these false allegations, restore my reputation, and seek out all the opportunities available to me for these reckless acts." CCP remains silent, although they have fascinatingly mentioned that they "impose a rule prohibiting electronics during CSM sessions," suggesting (at least to me) that something stuck to the microphone that was unintentional.

Claimed that the CCP's prohibitions and charges had a "direct and negative impact" on its reputation in the game and on reality. She emphasizes that Schoeneman deliberately blurs the boundaries between his virtual and literal political career. He seems to have forgotten that Eve Online is a video game, and that the CCP (in accordance with its EULA) retains the right to Nuke players from orbit for any reason whatsoever for their enjoyment , He has little or no legal resources here, and his statement about Reddit feels like a political entity. Part of me hopes this somehow escalates into litigation.

Eve Online can be played for free, and the official site can be found here.

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