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Even if the FAA Boeing 737 frees Max jets to fly, Americans may not get in

There are new indications that the Boeing 737 Max will not be carrying passengers for some time after the Federal Aviation Administration met with foreign regulators in Fort Worth on Thursday to discuss the future of the To discuss jets. Airborne features were possibly one factor for two deadly crashes last year. [239652] Reigning FAA Administrator Daniel Elwell told CBS News & # 39; Kris Van Cleave that the agency had no timetable on when to pick up the 737 Max passengers.

"We need to finish our systems security analysis, some test flights will have to be done," said Elwell. "And if we're convinced that the 737 Max is safe again, we'll lift the ban regulation."

Aviation authorities from 33 countries flying the Boeing 737 Max arrived at an FAA facility in Fort Worth on Thursday. At a closed meeting, Elwell made sure Max's certification plan was safe. Some countries have not participated ̵

1; a sign that Max may be flying first in the US while the world is watching.

"None of us will lift the ban on the 737 Max until it's safe," Elwell said.

Elwell argues that the rest of the aviation world trusts the FAA when the agency is ready According to new research, the 737 Max is ready to fly again, and Americans are suspicious when it comes to entering Max – even if he is released for the flight.

A new study found that only about one in five respondents would definitely fly with a max the first six months after returning to the service. About half said it was unlikely that they would come aboard.

"So it's important that the FAA does not regulate by poll, or" we regulate … where 90 million flights, 7 billion passengers were killed in the United States in the last 10 years, "said Elwell ,

When asked how they handle public opinion that the plane is not safe, Elwell said, "Yes, we have to be worried when the public is worried about the flight, yes, is that annoying? It's annoying, but we can not specifically answer that concern when it comes to setting safety standards. "

It could be the fall before the plane has passengers. Boeing continues to respond to FAA information requests about the software.

Boeing has hired a PR firm to restore confidence in Max and plans to rely heavily on pilots to show confidence in the plane, but some pilots say they are not interested in To be poor candy.

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