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Everything Taylor Swift revealed at her NPR Tiny Desk Concert

Singer-songwriter Taylor Swift is already preparing for her new album on her 2020 tour, Lover . She has performed an NPR Tiny Desk concert this month, which is now available for listening. But if you want the highlights, we have them here.

Each song on "Lover" was written that way.

"Tiny Desk is one of my favorite corners on the Internet," Swift said. "It's an opportunity for artists to choose a different way of presenting their music. You are inundated by the opportunity. I just decided to show you how the songs sounded when I first wrote them. "

" I have this album that has just come out. It's called lover "she said to cheers. "Really happy that you like it! It's one of those albums on which I first wrote everything on an instrument. So it's really fun to pick songs for the acoustics because they all started like that. "

Swift has long wanted to write The Man.

"There's a song I wanted to write conceptually for a very long time," Swift began after her intro. "Because in the course of my life, I noticed that we have a certain double standard problem in our society. I've been thinking about 700 million times a day over the last decade of my life. "

She continued. "I was always wondering if I could write a song about it. Is there a concise and catchy way to write a song about it? What angle would I make if I wrote a song about it? "The most fun was to imagine what my life would be like and what people would say about my life, if I did it anyway, but I was a man.

Her favorite line in "Lover"

Swift said that the title song "Lover" came to her "in the middle of the night" and added, "I got this idea and the song just happened very fast. "She also talked about her favorite line from the Bridge of the Song:" With every scar on the guitar string, I take the magnetic power of a man as my lover. "[1

9659004]" I took that as a metaphor for the times when I learned to play the guitar and I played until my fingers were bleeding and I still have those tracks, "she continued. "Or I would change a string all the time and it would burst and I still have scars from it, but it's also a bigger metaphor for you to accumulate scars, injuries and moments of learning, disappointment and struggle in life. And if someone takes your hand, it better takes your hand scars and everything. "

Swift's solution to a problem

  Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift | Axelle / Bauer Griffin / FilmMagic

Swift went back to the guitar, took off her jacket and sat down, talking about a question that was asked repeatedly, "What will you ever do when you become happy?" What will you write about? "She would answer that she would be inspired by television, movies and books.

And, as it turns out, that's exactly what she did. Now that Swift has a happy and stable relationship with Joe Alwyn, she has been able to use films like Someone Great and the Separation of her Friends to "Death by a Thousand Cuts" to inspire.

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