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Everything that comes to Netflix in February – and what's left

Netflix Inc.

NFLX, + 3.48%

will bring a laugh this February.

Next month, a series of stand-up specials will hit the streaming platform: "You Complete Me, Ho" with star "Crazy Rich Asians" star Ken Jeong, who told MarketWatch that the show was on Love letter to his wife Tran Ho; Ray Romano got up after 23 years, "Right Here, Around the Corner"; and "Kevin Hart's Guide to Black History." 19459007

Also on the way is the second season of "Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj", "Larry Charles's Dangerous Comedy World" and Catherine Reitman's "Workin 'Moms". "

Hopefully the laughs will make up for the new hole in subscribers' wallets. Recently, Netflix has introduced its largest ever price increase for streaming subscribers. The most popular streaming plan rose 1

8% from $ 11 to $ 13 per month.

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Here's what's coming to Netflix in December – and what's left.

February 1

"About a Boy"

"American Pie"

"American Pie 2"

"American Wedding"

"As good as it gets"

"Billy Elliot" [19659003] "Dear Ex" (Original by Netflix)

"Final Destination"

"Free Pure: Valentine's Day" (Original by Netflix)



"Jaws" [19659003]] "Jaws 2"

"Jaws 3"

"Jaws: Revenge"

"Personal Shopper"

"Pretty in Pink"

"Russian Doll" (Original Netflix) [19659003] "Siempre bruja" (Netflix original)

"The Edge of Seventeen"

"True: Happy Heart Day" (Netflix original)

"Velvet Buzzsaw" (Netflix original) [19659008] February 2

"Bordertown", Season 2 (Original by Netflix)

"Romance is a bonus book" (Original by Netflix)

Feb. 3

Disney's "Beverly Hills Chihuahua"

Feb. 5

"Ray Romano: Just Around the Corner" (Netflix Original)

Feb. 6

"The Soloist"

Feb. 8

"¡Nailed it! México "[Netflix Original]

" El árbol de la sangre "[Netflix Original]

" High Flying Bird "

" Kevin Hard's Guide to Black History "(Netflix Original)

"One Day After the Other", Season 3 (Original by Netflix)

"ReMastered: The Two Kills by Sam Cooke" [Original by Netflix]

"The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants", Season 2 (Original by Netflix) [19659003] "Unauthorized Life" (Netflix Original)

Feb. 9

"The Break", Season 2 (Original by Netflix)

Feb. 10

"Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj: Volume 2" (Original by Netflix)

Feb. 11

"Flavourful Origins: Chaoshan Cuisine" [Netflix Original]

"Little Women"

Feb. 14

"Dating Around"

"Ken Jeong: You Complete Me, Ho" (Original Netflix)

Feb. 15

"The Dangerous World of Larry Charles Comedy"

"The Breaker Upperers"

"The Dragon Prince", Season 2 (Netflix Original)

"The Umbrella Academy"

"Yucatan" [Netflix Original]

Feb. 16

"Black Sea"

"Studio 54"

"The 40-year-old maiden"

Feb. 21

"The Drug King" (Original by Netflix)

Feb. 22

"Chef's Table: Volume 6" (Original Netflix)

"Firebrand" (Original Netflix)

"GO! Vive a tu manera "(Netflix Original)

" Paddleton "(Netflix Original)

" Paris is Us (Paris is a Nous) "(Netflix Original)

" Rebellion ", Season 2 Netflix original)

"Suburra", 2nd season (Netflix original)

"The Big Family Cooking Showdown", 2nd season (Netflix original)

"The photographer of Mauthausen" (Netflix original) Original)

"Workin 'Moms" (Original Netflix)

Feb. 25

"Dolphin Tale 2"

Feb. 26

"Our Idiot Brother"

Feb 27

"Unresolved: Tupac & Biggie"

Feb. 28

"Jeopardy !: Collection 2"

"The Rebound"

Leaving February 1

"Black Dynamite" [19659003] "Bride of Chucky"

"Children of Men"

] "Employees"

Disney's "Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement"

"Ella Enchanted"

"Lara Croft: Tomb Raider "

" Queer as Folk , Seasons 1-4

"Queer as Folk: The Last Season"

"Shaun the Dead"

"The Big Lebowski"

"The Bourne Ultimatum"

"Woman in Gold" [19659008] End of February 2 19659009] "Cabin Fever"

End of February 3


End of 19.

Disney's "Girl Meets World", Seasons 1-3

Late 20. February


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