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Everything you need to know about the crazy twist ending "Last Christmas" explains

(Big spoilers, obviously for the end of "Last Christmas")

We arrived in November, and you know what that means – it's the Christmas movie season. The first is "Last Christmas", which was delivered to you by Paul Feig, the director of "Ghostbusters" and "Bridesmaids". A movie that, looking at marketing, looks like a normal romantic comedy. But it is not. It really is not.

Before we go into that, I should note that I really liked Last Christmas. So I do not write that to mock this movie. The phrase we're going to talk about is really wild, especially because it contradicts your expectations of a romantic comedy and because most people will not expect a bigger turn. "Last Christmas" differs not only for me from standards for romantic comedies ̵

1; it is more than just a romantic comedy.

I will now go over the plot of the movie. The story here focuses on Kate (Emilia Clarke), whose family moved to London in the late 1990s as refugees from Yugoslavia. As a result, everyone is somehow confused and has a lot of emotional baggage. As Kate's mother (Emma Thompson, who also co-wrote the film) found out early, she has no social life because "all my friends were murdered." Mother is also worried that she will be thrown out of the country because of this Brexit and Dad (Boris Isakovic) are driving a taxi all the time, because the presence in his family causes a lot of trauma.

In addition to all that stuff, Kate still has some extra luggage with her she has to do. When we heard in the middle of "Last Christmas," she had a heart defect that took her to a hospital on the verge of death until she received a new heart from someone who had died. Since then, something has felt wrong. She drinks a lot, eats unhealthy food, meets a lot of random men and generally is not able to have a roommate without doing stupid things to kick them out. Kate also avoids hanging out with her family, even though she eventually has to sleep in her parents' house because she would otherwise be homeless.

Kate also works in a Christmas business run by a woman who goes from Santa (Michelle Yeoh)). Santa notes that Kate has not been the same since she returned to work after her illness – she sucks at her job and forgets to close the shop one night, which of course has disastrous consequences.

Enter Tom (Henry) Golding), a random guy who notices Kate when he comes to the store one day. The two start talking and quickly get tight. Tom takes her to various places in London she never knew about and tells her about her emotional struggles. We know only from the heart because she told Tom about it.

After hanging out a couple of times – and after the store was plundered for forgetting to lock herself up – Kate realizes that she needs to be proactive to bring her life together. Previously, she was upset and vaguely suicidal in a way "I'm looking to drink myself into an early grave". Thanks to her therapeutic meetings with Tom, who raised awareness of the increasing frequency of her great failures, she is no longer overly enthusiastic about the inevitable sweet embrace of death.

Kate's relationship with Tom is certainly emotionally intimate, but not really physical, although they kiss a few times. They never meet, however.

Now let's talk about the big turn.

It turns out that Tom is a ghost. A year before the events of the film, he rode his bicycle on the road and was hit by a truck. And it's his heart that's in Kate's chest right now. Yes, it's this line from the song the movie is named after: "Last Christmas I gave you my heart."

It's not very clear what the mechanisms of the situation look like, but the only way to do this It is consistent that Tom was truly a Christmas spirit who knows he is dead and is trying to help Kate as she struggles through everyday life. One night, for example, he takes her back to the apartment where he lived before he died, and before that he commented that he did not have a phone because he had locked his phone in a closet – and that The phone was still there a year later. A simple hallucination would not tell Kate where he lived or that his phone was in the closet.

I say, it's very nice.

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