SportsPulse: Saturday was largely chalk as Ja Morant and Murray State left the tournament. Trysta Krick summarizes the action and looks towards Sunday.

The NCAA men's basketball tournament returns the remaining eight games of the second round in all four regions. It starts on Sunday just after noon ET. At the end of the day, Sweet 16 is set.

Here you will find everything you need to know about coverage and the actions you should take note of as we complete the March Madness Opening Weekend.

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– Capture of Saturday's NCAA tournament games.

– Brandon Clarke, who was a little-known San Jose State player not so long ago, broke a Gonzaga record won by Adam Morrison in the second round of the Bulldogs.

– How did Kansas go from Preseason No. 1 to the NCAA Tournament before the second weekend?

– Murray State's NCAA tournament run ended against Florida State. So, what's next for star Ja Morant?

– With respect to the state of Florida, Seminoles coach Leonard Hamilton continues to collect bonus money.

– Wofford Fletcher Magee, Division I's all-time leader in triplets, got cold at the worst possible time (0: 12 from low).

– The LSU defeated Maryland in the most exciting end of the tournament so far. But it was a win that was also meaningful to the tigers.


# 2 Tennessee (30-5) Vs. No. 10 Iowa (23-11)

South Regional, Columbus

Time, Television: 12:10 pm, CBS

Why Tennessee Wins: Admiral Schofield had not been the very last few games himself , had taken questionable shots and not played the sort of lockdown defense for which he is known. If his performance in the last four minutes against Colgate signs, the All-SEC player has found his groove again. Schofield made three 3-pointers in the final 4:01 of the game, and his back-to-back in the last 90 seconds ended any hope Colgate had a surprise.

Why Iowa Wins: Some newcomers may be overwhelmed by the big phase of the NCAA tournament. It's definitely not Joe Wieskamp. Wieskamp scored 19 for the Hawkeyes against Cincinnati, and he kept getting big punches that kept the Bearcats from running away with the game. After the Hawkeyes came home at 10 at the end of the first half, Wieskamp missed a rebound and posted a layup followed by a 3. Cincinnati had a four-point lead in the second half when Wieskamp took a free throw and another 3. Nicholas Baer added another 3 and Iowa never followed again.

# 1 North Carolina (28-6) Vs. No. 9 Washington (27-8)

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Midwest Regional, Columbus

Time, TV: Approx. 14:40, CBS

Why Washington Will Win: Washington's Zone. The huskies are proud of their defense, and they could see why they were against the state of Utah when they shut Sam Merrill and made life generally unlucky for all aggies. North Carolina is, of course, deeper and more versatile than the state of Utah, but Washington's zone makes it seem as if the Tar Heels are slaughtering a man.

More: Washington Hoping The Insane March Mad Pain For North Carolina

Why North Carolina Will Win: Not that anyone cares about the importance of any game of the game NCAA tournaments are reminiscent, but North Carolina have one in 16 Seed Iona, who beat Tar Heels in the first 20 minutes and had a five-point lead at half-time. Roy Williams told his team that it was not playing with enough energy, and the Tar Heels responded with 63 percent in the second half. Now that Carolina is busy, do not expect them to lose focus again.

1 Duke (30-5) Vs. # 9 UCF (24-8)

East Regional, Columbia

Time, TV: 5:15 pm ET, CBS

Why Duke Will Win: If the Blue Devils are Healthy, They Have handled all season through teams like UCF. And so far no one has yet found a good answer for newcomer Zion Williamson, who has averaged 26.5 points and shot 76% out of the field since returning from a knee injury. UCF usually likes to pick up the rim – the knights rank 314 in 3-point attempts. This is not a good plan against a Duke team leading the nation with 6.8 blocks.

More: Tacko's 7-6 center case from UCF says he will not admit Duke Zion Williamson.

Why UCF Will Win: This is still the case of a Duke team that consists mostly of undergraduates, so it's always possible when the game comes too late. UCF do a good job of defending the 3-point line (opponents shoot 31.3%), and Duke is too happy with outside shots too often, although as a team she only makes 30.5%. If Duke wants to avoid tackling the 7-foot-6-center Tacko case and turning him into a 3-point competition, he's vulnerable to long-lasting drought against a Knights team with a top-35 defense.

No. 3 Texas Tech (27-6) vs. No. 6 Buffalo (32-3)

Midwest, Tulsa

Time, TV: 18:10 pm, ET, TNT

Why Texas Tech Will Win: The Red Raiders Deny Every Shot, every pass, every movement with a passion that most teams only dream of: enemies shoot only 36.8 percent, which is number two in the country. The Guardian of Sophomore Jarrett Culver is an aspiring star whose presence affects the game on both ends of the ground.

Why Buffalo wins: The Bulls are also playing the defense. However, they have the balanced offensive ability – especially from the periphery – to perform devastating runs. Nick Perkins' inner play complements the perimeter games of CJ Massinburg and Jeremy Harris.

# 12 Oregon (24-12) Vs. No. 13 UC Irvine (31-5)

South Regional, San Jose

Time, TV: 7:10 pm. ET, TBS

Why Oregon Win: Oregon's best basketball of the season takes place in nine victories winning streak. His general athleticism and Payton Pritchard's pungent game at the Point Guard – a combination that proved deadly in Oregon's 72-54 first-round win against Wisconsin – will drive the ducks into Sweet 16.

More: Meet the Point Watcher who has made Oregon's run to March Madness

crucial. Why UC Irvine Wins: The Anteaters have won 17 games in a row, and the champions of the Big West conference have proven that the winning streak is legitimate with a 70-64 win over fourth-placed Kansas in the first round. In UC Irvine's first ever NCAA tournament win, Overseer Max Hazzard & Co. showed that UC Irvine has the bragging rights, the balance and the talent to move on.

# 1 Virginia (30-3) Vs. No. 9 Oklahoma (20-13)

South Regional, Columbia

Time, TV: Approx. 19:35 ET, TruTV

Why Virginia Will Win: The Cavaliers should be mentally better off while the jitters of the first round stand behind them. And if their defense ignites on all cylinders, as in the second half against Gardner-Webb, there are not many comfortable shots. The Sooners were a middle-range offensive team most of the season (58th nationwide in Ken Pomeroy's efficiency), and it's hard to imagine that a freshman point guard at Jamal Bienemy Virginia will be able to solve Virginia's pack line.

Why Oklahoma Will Win: For the Sooners it takes an otherworldly shooting performance to stand a chance, but they did so in the first round against Ole Miss, scoring 58% of their field goals and 6 of 6 -13 from the 3-point line. Of course, Virginia is another challenge, but the Sooners have high-volume 3-point shooters in Christian James (33.7%) and Brady Manek (35.4%). If they hit, perhaps the tournament pressure for Virginia creeps in again.

No. 3 Houston (32-3) vs. No. 11 Ohio State (20-14)

West Regional, Tulsa

Time, TV: 8:40 pm, TNT

Why Houston wins: It's a typical Kelvin Sampson team that committed to defense (the Cougars allow opponents a field goal average of 36.7 percent, the best in the country). And it's an untypical Sampson team that can score in bales. The combination can be devastating.

Why Ohio State Wins: The Buckeyes are not offensive, but when they work to feed the Kaleb Wesson in the 6-9, 270-pound vintage Caleb Wesson for indoor, he gets results. They recover well and prefer a controlled pace that can frustrate opponents.

# 4 Virginia Tech (25-8) Vs. No. 12 Liberty (29-6)

East Regional, San Jose

Time, TV: 9:40 PM. ET: TBS

Why Virginia Tech Wins: Point guard Justin Robinson, who returned from a foot injury after 12 lost games, helped Virginia Tech make a convincing 66-52 win over Saint Louis in the first round. And coach Buzz Williams has the defense of his team in top form, Virginia Tech holds Saint Louis to 36.5 percent.

Why Liberty Wins: The NCAA tournament needs a Cinderella for the Sweet 16, and the sneaker looks like it fits in Liberty. From baby chaplain Darius McGhee to chunky striker Myo Baxter-Bell, it's a whimsical stand with a talented Sweet 16 talent. [194559005] More: Liberty Remains Cool kills "monsters of unbelief" during the March Madness's first round

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