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Ex-FBI chief Comey leaves the summons of the US Parliament behind

WASHINGTON, Dec. 2 (Reuters) – Former FBI director James Comey withdrew a court appeal on Sunday attempting to suppress a congressional summons that compelled him to secretly vote over the office's decisions to testify regarding investigations ahead of the 2016 presidential election said.

Comey agreed to sit down at a closed door on Friday. Republicans in the US House Judiciary Committee promised to hand over a full copy to Comey within 24 hours of his testimony and will be allowed to "make one or more of these copies public," said Comey's lawyer David Kelley in a statement Reuters

Comey and the Republican legislature reached the new agreement on the day before attorneys should appear at a court hearing. A judge had been ordered to pass judgment on Comey's request for a summons to be dropped and congressional proceedings held – an application that had never before been issued by a judge in the United States.

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. At the center of the case is the question of whether the jury should force Comey to secretly testify on the FBI's investigation into the use of former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, a private email server, and whether President Donald Trump's campaign will cooperate with Russia Has.

The Republican-led investigation was abused by the Democrats as a partisan effort to undermine Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into the US 2016 election. Moscow denies interference and Trump denies campaigning and calls the Müller investigation as a political witch hunt.

Kelley argued on Friday before this Republica They are violating the US House rules by holding no public hearing where all committee members can ask questions. Kelley accused the legislators of pressing for a closed hearing to selectively pass parts of Comey's testimony in order to undermine Mueller's investigations into Russia's interference in the elections.

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But Thomas Hungar, advocate of the US House of Representatives, said in a case of the The Supreme Court of 1975, known as Eastland against the US Servicemen Fund, has made it clear that the speech or debate clause in the US Constitution provides for full immunity for the issuance of such summonses.

Pleadings not quoted by Comey's lawyer and urged him to ask the judge for an opportunity y to answer on Sunday. (Reporting by Sarah N. Lynch, Editor: Grant McCool)

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