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Ex-girlfriend of YouTuber Ray Diaz "is afraid to go home" after being released from prison

Angelica Salek, Ray Diaz's ex-girlfriend, says she's "scared to go home" after the social media star was released from prison.

Ray Diaz, also known as Raymundo Diaz, was arrested by detectives from the Los Angeles Police Department in San Diego, California, on July 12 for suspected sexual assault.

The claims were made against him on July 11 when girlfriend Angelica Salek appeared on Drama Alert to comment on the situation. He was given a $ 500,000 bail, but was released on bail on July 13 after someone paid $ 50,000. His release unsettled his ex-girlfriend, who used Twitter to spread her concerns.

Twitter / Ray Diaz

Diaz has over 300,000 subscribers on its YouTube channel.

YouTuber Daniel & # 39; Keemstar & # 39; Keem, whose drama-alert video appeared to explain the situation, tweeted after the release of Diaz a tearful video of Salek.

"I just found out that Ray was released from jail, and I'm really scared," the 17-year-old actress began. "I do not know what to do, I'm scared to go home and I do not think that's fair, he's been released from prison for $ 50,000, and I do not think everything he's done is how scared he is made me feel alright – I'm so scared to go home. "

This video came an hour after her already revealed the news of Diaz's" attachment to her Twitter followers. "

I've never been so scared in my life … Ray Diaz is out of jail, "tweeted the young actress, clearly shaken by the news.

Of course, Salek received much support from her followers and others who saw the frightened tweet – with soothing words to her, that she was fine would go.

Others thought she is looking for friends and family members whom she can rely on. The actress noted that her mother works closely with detectives to ensure her safety.

Neither Diaz nor anyone associated with him has made an official statement about his arrest or subsequent release.

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