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Ex-pop TV boss Brad Schwartz leaves Audible Exec Post after just a few weeks – deadline

Brad Schwartz resigned as chief content officer of Amazon’s digital audio platform Audible after less than a month after a two-year-old sexual harassment and gender prejudice lawsuit reappeared.

The move of the staff has been confirmed by sources familiar with the situation after Bloomberg first reported the news. Schwartz was not named as a defendant in the suit, which was dismissed.

In June, Schwartz resigned as President of PopTV to join Audible, where he started on June 15.

The company has taken a concerted step towards Showbiz and carried out a number of projects with stars and makers on the A list. However, despite his proven track record, Schwartz̵

7;s recruitment was reviewed after employees asked questions about the details of the legal complaint. Amazon as a company is also only a few years away from the upheavals in its studio unit, starting in 2017 with Roy Price’s departure amid a variety of allegations of sexual harassment.

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In the sexual harassment lawsuit that Deadline reported in February 2018, plaintiff Leslie Isaacs, a former sales manager, raised a number of allegations against Schwartz and had damned words for corporate culture. Schwartz, she said, made humiliating comments, including the approval of a press release entitled “Pop Puts Out” about a female manager’s objection. Regarding a keynote speaker at a national conference on women’s empowerment, he also allegedly boasted: “I may have slept with her in college or not!”

Schwartz was at the helm of Pop and his predecessor TV Guide Network for seven years and left the company after a series of restructuring measures at ViacomCBS. His success at Pop includes the acquisition and release of several Emmy nominees Schitt’s Creek and the rescue of One day after the other from Netflix.

In addition to leading Pop, Schwartz previously held senior positions at MSG Media and Bell Media. As SVP at Fuse (which was formerly owned by MSG), he directed shows, including Billy on the street.

Audible did not respond to a request for comment.

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