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Ex-Warriors striker Matt Barnes does not call himself an NBA champion

Andre Iguodala made the defensive play of the match, but it was Draymond Green who made the adjustment that enabled the Warriors to win Game 2 of the Western Conference's Final on the Trail Blazers on Thursday night.

] The Warriors have won the game, but for a while it certainly did not seem like this was the end result. Portland built several times a lead of 17 points and led with 15 points at halftime. In the end, it would be only the Warriors' second win after the season under Steve Kerr, with half of them at least 15 points behind. Much of the success of the Trail Blazer in the first half was attributed to Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum, who combined in the first two quarters of the 9-of-1

7 (.529) shooting for 26 of Portland's 65 points.

At half-time, Steve Kerr asked his team if they wanted to continue the game's defensive strategy to flash the two best players from Portland, which until then had proved ineffective.

As expected, Draymond Green felt comfortable sharing his opinion.

"Absolutely," Green Kerr replied. "In fact, we should flash harder."

Green was emphatic enough to convince the warriors to double their strategy, and it actually worked.

In the second half, Lillard and McCollum together scored 19 points on 6-of-22 (.273) from the pitch.

The Warriors subsequently won Game 114-111.

Green knows what Lillard and McCollum are capable of after seeing the first goal in the series – shot in the first round, and the latter doing the same in the second round. As he said after beating Chris Sports of Yahoo Sports, Green believes the adjustment should be maintained.

"We know how this story ends [if we give them one-on-one looks]," said Green. "This movie will end in the same way It ended a million times Whatever gives us the best chance of winning, we will do that, and I think more aggression offers the best chance of winning."

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When the Warriors and Blazers meet for the third game on Saturday at the Moda Center, Golden State is expected to continue flashing Portland's backcourt duo. Of course, the blazers have to make some adjustments themselves, so nothing is certain.

Well, except that Green voices his opinion. You can always rely on that.

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