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Exchange student is threatened to shoot up Pa-Gymnasium

A foreign exchange student arrested for later threatening to shoot his Pennsylvania high school

An-Tso-Sun, a Bonn Prendergast high school student in Upper Darby, was accused of posing a terrorist threat [19659002] "He said to a fellow student," Do not come to school on May 1 because I'm going to shoot up the school, "Darby Police Chief Commissioner Michael Chitwood said at the Wednesday press conference." And then he said, , I'm just having fun. "

Sun also asked the same student how to buy a weapon, he said.

Student uses tattoo money on AR-15 at school turning plot: Policemen [1

9659006] Cops became aware of Sun. After the worried student reported Sun's comments to a teacher,

The 18-year-old originally came from Taiwan and was in the US with a student visa published last July.

Sun also used an iPad at the school Chitwood said

In February, he showed a classmate a "high-caliber" bullet and a video of him using a flamethrower (19659005) GOP Rep. King Defending Mocking "Communists" Parkland Survivors

On Tuesday, detectives scoured the home of Sun's host family on a search warrant for a military-style ballistic vest, a high-performance crossbow, found with arrows, a docking box for loading weapons, live ammunition, and other objects in his

Enrique Latoison, Sun's defense lawyer, said the teenager had no intention of driving away his school, and he used the items found in his home for a Halloween costume.

"I do not believe what he said rises to the crime of terrorist threat," said the lawyer of the Associated Press. "He said, 'Just fun.' I understand the heightened sensitivity, but he's not from here, he did not have the same social skills of what it's like to grow up in the post-Columbine generation."


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