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EXCLUSIVE: The Top 5 of the Interview of President Trump with George Stephanopoulos of ABC News

ABC News' chief anchor, George Stephanopoulos, has teamed up with President Donald Trump this week for a comprehensive exclusive interview, which has raised a number of new headlines over its unprecedented discussion.

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Here are the five most important moments of the interview.

Trump says he's listening to foreign intelligence about political opponents.

This was the biggest headline of all. After Trump had told Stephanopoulos that he could not notify the FBI if foreign governments provided harmful information against his rivals from the year 2020 during the upcoming presidential contest, the president was criticized by Republicans and Democrats.

Despite the flood of investigations resulting from the interactions of his campaign with Russians during the presidential campaign in 201

6, Stephanopoulos Trump asked the Oval Office on Wednesday whether his re-election campaign would accept or hand over such information from foreigners, such as China or Russia About the FBI Trump replied, "I think you might do both."

  Trump says he could not notify the FBI if foreigners provide information on 2020 candidates.
Trump says he could not notify the FBI if information is offered by aliens over 2020 candidates.

"I think you might want to listen, there's nothing wrong with listening," Trump continued. "If someone from a country called Norway calls [and said]" we have information about your opponent "- oh, I think I'd like to hear it."

Trump denied the idea that if a foreign government provided information about a political opponent, it would be seen as interference in our electoral process.

"It's not a fault, they have information – I think I would take it," said Trump. "If I thought something was wrong, maybe I would go to the FBI – if I thought something was wrong, but if somebody comes up with Oppo research, they get into Oppo research." # 39; Oh, let's call the FBI. & # 39; The FBI does not have enough agents to take care of it, honestly speaking to congressmen and talking, everyone does, and that's the way it is man Oppo research. "
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi warned Thursday that Trump would give Russia the "green light" to re-engage in a US presidential election.

"Everyone in the country should be totally shocked by what the president said last night," Pelosi said.

While Pelosi described Trump's comments as a "cavalier" and "an attack on democracy," she said it was not enough to persuade her to go ahead with an impeachment investigation.

"What we want to do is a methodical approach to the way we go, and this will be included, but not a single problem will trigger: 'Oh, now we're going. [impeachment]. "Because it's all about investigation, litigation, holding the truth to justice, and no one is above the law," she said.

Even one of the President's closest allies on Capitol Hill was not in his defense. Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said the president's answer was "not the right answer."

"If a foreign government comes to you as an official and offers you to help with your campaign and give you something valuable, be it money or information about your opponent, that's the right answer," he said.

Until Friday, the President sought to retrace his comments and told Fox News that he would notify the FBI or Attorney General if the information was "wrong or misrepresented."

"Of course you have to watch it, because if you do not look at it, you will not know it's bad," Trump said on Friday morning to "Fox and Friends." "But of course you give it to the FBI or report it to the attorney general or someone else."

Trump says internal polls show he wins "everywhere"

Trump told Stephanopoulos that the internal poll of his campaign has shown he wins "everywhere".

When Stephanopoulos mentioned polls commissioned by the Trump campaign, which introduced former Vice President Joe Biden in several key states, the president said, "These polls do not exist."

"No one has shown you these polls because these polls do not exist, George. These polls do not exist. I lose out in 15 of 17 states? These polls do not exist," said Trump. VIDEO: Trump responds that he is in Don Jr. Announces Resolutions in the Senate Committee “/>

Trump responds that he is not available in internal polls, Don Jr. says at the Senate committee

"I just received a meeting With my pollster, whom I honestly do not even believe in pollsters, if you want to know the truth, just run a campaign and whatever it is, it is, but I just had a meeting with someone who is a pollster and I win everywhere, so I do not know what you're talking about. "

Data from the campaign's first internal survey in March, conducted exclusively by ABC News on Friday, showed that Trump lost in major battlefields by a wide margin against Biden, including double-digit leads for Biden in Pennsylvania. 39 and Wisconsin 51-41 and Biden with seven points ahead in Florida. In Texas, a traditionally Republican stronghold, the numbers showed that the president was only two points clear.

When ABC News released these numbers on Friday, the Trump campaign confirmed the data, saying that the numbers were old and that they had seen large fluctuations in favor of Trump.

Trump says it does not matter "What former White House lawyer Don McGahn said to Muller.

Stephanopoulos questioned Trump at length about the Russian investigation, and the President directly denied the testimony of a key witness in the investigation Special adviser Robert Mueller on a possible obstruction of the judiciary in the course of Russia's investigation that it was "no matter" what his former White House advisor, Don McGahn, testified.

Trump said McGahn had been "possibly confused" when he told Mueller that Trump had repeatedly instructed him to have the incumbent Attorney General remove the special lawyer for alleged conflicts of interest.

"The story, quite simply, # 1, I never wanted to fire millers, I never suggested to fire millers," Trump told Stephanopoulos.

At the direction of the president, McGahn is currently battling a summons from the House Judiciary Committee to publicly announce, among other things, these talks with Trump. McGahn spent almost 30 hours with the Special Envoy investigators testifying under oath, and was one of the president's most cited advisers in the report.

When Stephanopoulos pushed back and cited McGahn's testimony, Trump was defiant.

<img src = "https://s.abcnews.com/images/Politics/190613_vod_orig_trumpmcahnMIX_hpMain_16x9_992.jpg" border = "0" width = "640" height = "360" alt = "PHOTO: Trump says that former White House attorney Don McGahn lied during Mueller's investigation, despite the former WH attorney's certificate

"I do not care what [McGahn] says it does not matter," Trump said.

"Why should [McGahn] be under oath?" Stephanopoulos later asked.

"Because he wanted to look like a good lawyer," Trump said. "Or he believed it, because I kept telling everyone – including you, including the media – that Robert Mueller had a conflict, Robert Mueller had a total conflict of interest."

"And must go?" Stephanopoulos followed.

"I did not say that," Trump insisted.

Trump unveils the historical redesign of Air Force One's renderings of the future redesign of Air Force One.

"George, look at this," Trump bragged about Stephanopoulos, reviewing his vision for the next generation of the Presidential plane. "Here's your new Air Force One."

Trump showed his plan to trade the iconic sky blue and white paint for a patriotic red, white and blue.

"We had different options here," Trump said, pointing to pictures he had designed himself. "These are all slightly different."

  Trump unveils patriotic new look for Air Force One
Trump unveils new look for Air Force One

The new fleet will not be ready until 2024 Despite the president's willingness to share the preliminary sketches, Trump keeps some details near the vest.

"There are a few secrets," Trump teased. "You know, there are some secrets that I do not think we should talk about."

Trump says about the Fed Reserve chairman: & # 39; I've been waiting long enough & # 39;

Trump defeated Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell insisted that Powell's measures had prevented the economy from rising even further and stated that he no longer had any patience with the person he had selected to head the central bank of the country.

When Trump invited Stephanopoulos on a trip to Council Bluffs, Iowa on Tuesday, he said the financial market would be stronger, "if we had another person in the Federal Reserve who did not raise interest rates that much." 19659007] Trump told Stephanopoulos that he believes the Dow Jones Industrial Average could be 10,000 points higher if the Federal Reserve had not raised rates last year. Stephanopoulos pointed out that Powell would not be in office without Trump. 19659060] Trump on Fed Chairman Jerome Powell: He's my choice, and I totally disagree with him. “/>

Trump on Fed Chairman Jerome Powell: & # 39; He's my choice and I totally disagree with him. & # 39;

My choice, "admitted Trump," and I disagree with him at all. "

Stephanopoulos asked Trump if he had any concerns that his repeated comment on the Federal Reserve would put Powell "in a box".

"Yes, I do," Trump answered. "But I'll do it anyway, because I've been waiting long enough."

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