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Exclusive: This is the Motorola One, not the Motorola One Power

Here's the Motorola One, not to be confused with the Motorola One Power

Back at the end of the month, AndroidHeadlines unveiled exclusive details about an upcoming smartphone from Motorola, the Motorola One Power, in addition to first look at the new phone thanks to an official press-rendering. Since then, more details about Motorola One Power have become known, confirming the original claims. Now, AndroidHeadlines can confirm more details about Motorola's upcoming plans for its 2018 branded smartphones.

Meet the Motorola One

At first glance you could forgive Suppose the above picture shows the Motorola One Power, but it is not. As AndroidHeadlines information was provided by a reliable source that the phone shown will arrive as the Motorola One . In other words, it's a separate handset to the Motorola One Power, though that does not mean they're started separately. More importantly, the existence of the Motorola One underscores how Motorola plans to unveil at least two phones that together will form the Motorola One line. Although this is not confirmed by the source, it seems likely that this particular model will be the standard Motorola One phone for 201

8, and this brings us to the first major difference between the two.

Size Counts

AndroidHeadlines was told that the Motorola One is a smaller phone compared to Motorola One Power. At present, it is not clear whether this is smaller in terms of the display or smaller in terms of the thickness of the device or both. There are some suggestions that using the name "Power" will probably lead to a model that focuses more on battery life, and though there are no new details, this would further reinforce the suggestion, if it does apply Motorola One will arrive as a sleeker device. This could also mean that more devices under the name Motorola One will come onto the market with emphasis on other key features.

Largely similar design with some minor cosmetic differences

The Motorola One looks very similar to the Motorola One Power in general. It has the same front panel (which also includes a notch), as well as an edge-to-edge style of design. Likewise, the backside is almost identical to the Motorola One Power, due to the same Motorola logo (which could possibly be used as a fingerprint sensor) and an array of two back cameras in the upper left corner. However, this does not seem to be the exact same two-sensor module, as the comparison of images shows, unlike the Motorola One Power (where the two cameras and the flash are included in one module), the cameras are separated from Motorola One. You can take a closer look at the subtle differences between the two models in the following illustration:

Left: Motorola One – Right: Motorola One Power

While this may be just a cosmetic difference, it could prove to be more than As it may be the case, the camera configuration on the Motorola One is completely different. Although this is just speculation at the moment.

Motorola goes all-in with Android One

When it first became known, the Motorola One Power was remarkable, since it was clear that the company was Motorola branding for the first time in a long time. In contrast to the "Moto" branding that has been used in recent years. The arrival of the Motorola One suggests that the return of Motorola branding is not a one-time affair. In addition, the use of "Motorola One" is not a singular thing, but something the company probably wants to build on as a new line. One of the reasons for this could be the use of Android One. Motorola One Power and Motorola One are phones running on the Google One operating system. Although this is unconfirmed, this supports the idea that the Motorola One series is intended for Motorola's Android One-specific setup

Specifications Unknown, but Multiple Colors Are Coming

So far, few information has been provided made available on the Motorola One due to the emphasis on the Motorola One Power. Likewise, no details are given here about the specifications. Recently, however, the specifications for the Motorola One Power have become known and it could be a fair assumption that the two phones are not so much lower. If this assumption proves correct, the Motorola One Power specifications are a good start. In this sense, the Motorola One Power is expected to be equipped with a 6.2-inch display with a 19: 9 aspect ratio and a resolution of 2280 x 1880. Inside, the Motorola One Power will have at least 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, 5 and 12 megapixel rear view cameras, an 8 megapixel front camera, and a 3,780 mAh battery. What emerges from today's leak is that the Motorola One appears in more than one color. It will, of course, be the black model, and AndroidHeadlines has also been provided with additional images that highlight something that also appears to be a white variant. It is unclear whether these will be the only available color options, and it is equally unclear whether Motorola One Power will be available in the same additional colors.

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