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Expert Tips to Stop Smoking


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Smoking is one of the things that people try to avoid at all costs because it is difficult to stop once you get addicted to it. Cigarettes contain nicotine that makes a person experience a craving for smoking. It is a substance that causes an increase of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is a chemical in the brain that enhances the feeling of pleasure, so people often smoke because they want to experience the same feeling again and again. 


The high you experience when you are smoking is not worth the risks you will be experiencing when your body cannot take your excessive smoking. There are plenty of negative effects that your body will experience if you do not stop smoking. Your lungs are going to be badly affected, and you can even get deadly diseases like pneumonia or lung cancer. 


The lungs are not the only organs affected when you smoke. Your heart, reproductive organs, stomach, throat, and mouth also receive a great impact. Smoking damages your heart, it increases the risk of having a brain aneurysm, and it can even cause impotence or the ability to produce a child. While still early, quit smoking and avoid the risks of obtaining diseases or worse the possibility of dying. Here are some tips you can take to heart to stop smoking. 


Find other hobbies

Some people use smoking as a way of distractions from their problems or stress. They say that it helps them relax and even focus on what they are doing. However, doing this is going to make you dependent on smoking, so you must find other things that can keep you occupied. Try to discover things that are interesting for you and focus on doing it. 


For example, you can start doing things like painting, reading, writing, and even watching a series of movies is good. You can also start playing sports, so that you can spend your free time gaining physical strength other than sitting on the corner smoking and gaining diseases. Doing other things will keep your mind occupied and forget about lighting another cigarette. 


Nicotine Therapy

When you have smoked for a long time and you decide to stop, you will experience withdrawal and cravings because of the nicotine substance that cigarettes contain. The temptation to hold another cigarette between your fingers will be strong and hard to resist. So, what can you do to avoid this? 


The answer is, you can find yourself some alternatives that will not cause your body any harm. One of the best alternatives would be using snus. If you’re reading about it for the first time, let’s begin by explaining what is snus and how it can help you stop smoking. Simply put, Snus is a tobacco product that does not involve the smoking process. 


You can use this by placing it between your lip and gums for an amount of time. You can have it in your mouth for up to 30 minutes and discard it after use. Using snus can lower your cravings for cigarettes because you will have something to keep your mouth occupied. Some people say that they tend to light up more cigarettes because they are used to the feeling of having it between their lips or because they can focus when they are chewing or holding onto something using their mouths. They find snus is an acceptable alternative.


Find Support

One reason why people smoke is that they are having trouble coping with their problems. If you are in a similar situation, and if the stress is what caused you to start smoking, you need to have someone who can help and advise you on what to do. Find support from your friends or family because smoking will only destroy your body. You do not need to have a lot of people to share your problems with, because one person is enough. 


Look for someone that can make you feel comfortable enough to share your problems, someone who can understand or relate to you. Having someone will not only help you to not opt to smoke, but it can also help you feel relief because you are not keeping your problems all to yourself. Any problems that you are trying to hide from will not solve itself when you start smoking. Face the problems and get over it once and for all, because opting to smoke is a very silly way of avoiding it. 


Avoid temptations

Avoiding temptations that cause you to smoke is also necessary. For example, do not go to bars or clubs that allow people to smoke inside. You watching them smoke will only fuel your cravings and you might not last for long before you start asking for a smoke. Also, you can avoid hanging out with friends when they are smoking. 


You do not need to cut your relationship with them, join them for other activities or get-togethers but excuse yourself during their smoking session. True friends will understand why you are trying to avoid smoking. Strengthen your resolve and do not get easily swayed by temptations, because temptations always lead to undesirable outcomes.


Build a new perspective, set your goals, and reward yourself.

Setting your goal and rewarding yourself after accomplishing it is a great help because you will have the motivation to reach it. If possible, make a planner, set your schedules, and try your best to finish them one by one. Smoking has never helped anyone, so start making all your time count. 


Having a calendar for your activities will keep you occupied and active for other activities that can make you forget about smoking. Create a new you, someone who has finally realized that smoking will not do you anything good. It is also good to reward yourself because you will have something to look forward to.

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Quitting takes a lot of perseverance, but with the right support and attitude, you will eventually succeed and call yourself a new person. There will be challenges and some are going to be hard to defeat but with strong motivation, it is possible to do anything. You need to keep in mind that smoking is not beneficial. It is something that you need to stop and forget because it cannot permanently solve your problem. Quit now and have a healthier lifestyle.