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Experts warn parents against the dangers of "chickenpox" that are on the rise again

How "chicken pox parties" are on the rise again: Experts warn parents against natural immunity and the dangers of unpredictable virus.

  • The practice of mixing healthy and chickenpox-infested children is now almost on the rise 25 years after the development of the chickenpox vaccine
  • Experts warn parents against participating in these "chickenpox parties"
  • The severity of the virus is termed unpredictable and a gamble for healthy children
  • Chickenpox can lead to serious complications Death, even in healthy children
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"Chickenpox parties" are on the rise again, but experts warn that the risk of intentional contagion of healthy children could outweigh the supposed danger Benefits of it.

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin made headlines recently when he told the WKCT that he and his wife had deliberately exposed their five biological and four adopted children to chickenpox, which are all not vaccinated.

"They purposely got chickenpox because we found a neighbor who had it, and I went to make sure every one of my kids was affected and they have it," Bevin said.

  It is said that chickenpox batches are on the rise again almost 25 years after the creation of a vaccine. In the parties, parents purposely expose healthy children to infected children

It is said that the chickenpox party is on the rise again almost 25 years after creating a vaccine. At the parties, parents purposely exposed healthy children to infected children

Bevin said the children were "a few days miserable" after succumbing to chickenpox, but "they were all fine." It is unclear how old the children were when they were deliberately infected.

The Republican governor's goal was allegedly to help his children gain immunity to the disease, a measure experts warn against.

So-called chickenpox parties, in which healthy children were brought into the vicinity of infected children, were allegedly in the days before 1995, a vaccine was available.

Parents who participated in the smallpox parties then and now are told to believe that if they made sure their children got the chickenpox and then fought it when they were young, they would not catch each other as they got older were and were less able to get over it.

"[It is] wrong that getting the natural disease will boost your immunity so you do not need a vaccine, which is a much safer option," pediatrician Dr. Natasha Burgert told INSIDER, adding : "People don It's not clear that we made vaccines because they can not kill children.

  Experts say it is a gamble to expose healthy children to those infected with chickenpox to give them immunity later in life Severity is unpredictable (camp)

That healthy children are exposed to chickenpox-infected individuals to help them gain immunity later is one Gambling as the Severity of the Virus Is Unpredictable (Stock)

  Republican Governor Matt Bevin (center) made headlines recently when he revealed that he had been uncovered. All nine of his children (pictured) purportedly had chickenpox Neighboring Neighbors

Therefore, vaccines are seen as a sure way to boost the immune system, as opposed to people exposed to the virulent, airborne version of the disease.

Burgert noted that it was a "gamble" to deliberately infect even healthy children, as the severity of chicken pox is "impossible to predict".

"Some children will only get a few [chicken pox]others will die. They just do not know, so we all vaccinate [we can]"said Burgert.

The Centers for Disease Control agree with this feeling.

On its website, the CDC noted: "Chickenpox can be serious and cause serious complications and death, even in healthy children. It is not possible to say in advance how severe the symptoms of your child will be. So it's not worth it to expose your child to someone with the disease. Infants and children against chickenpox protect you best when they are vaccinated. & # 39;

The apparently growing antivaxx movement has attracted more attention in recent years, especially after the outbreak of measles across the country last year.

In 2000, measles in the US were already eliminated as being due to measles vaccinations and corresponding herd immunity.

"Vaccines are a victim of their own success," said Pediatrician Dr. Elizabeth Murray to People. "If we did not have a chickenpox vaccine, parents often decided to" cope with it, "and thought teenagers and adults were often worse off, the person with the best time with the disease however, the one she never gets. & # 39;


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