Regarding refunds requested through Google Play, the 15-minute decision was always a special feature for me. Knowing that you can get your money back quickly when things go wrong with a paid app or an in-app purchase has always been nice. However, Google has increased the waiting period for refund decisions to four days.

Google's support page recently received the wording of the "In most cases, you can make a decision within 1

5 minutes" in "It can take up to four business days to make a decision." Technically, this means an increase around 38,000% and possibly more if these four working days overlap with the weekend or holidays.

As for the reason for implementing the change, it's likely that a large number of refund requests were automatically denied, but that was not the case, a human even looks at them, so that could be a good thing. Personally, however, I only had good experiences; Recently, on Google Play, I bought a $ 40 IAP for an encoding app for my car and found that it barely worked with the crappy OBDII Bluetooth adapter I had. However, other employees have been less fortunate and we hope that this is an indication of better, more thorough reviews of future requests for reimbursement.