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Explore the fights of Mets & # 39; Robinson Cano, who must be eliminated from 3rd place on the lineup

John Harper, SNY.tv | Twitter |

As bad as it was for the Mets on Monday, a night they urgently needed to change the Mickey Callaway call, the result against the Phillies might have been different if they had not been so stubborn Robinson Cano Third in the lineup.

In truth, based on the performance, Cano should not play at all, considering the Mets have a guy beating .339 whose natural position is the second base.

If only the management trusted what Jeff McNeil had seen over three months last year, then the Mets might not be in that position, hoping against the hope that Cano would not be so over the top He has looked so far in 201


The reality, however, is that Brodie Van Wagenen's former customer is here and signed for over five years for a lot of money, so he'll play. But that does not mean he has to beat for third place.

The guy beats for goodness sake, as Terry Collins might say. With only four home runs, a slugging percentage of .361, and considering that Cano's WAR value of -0.8 is far from his old Gold Glove caliber, he is the lowest of all starting second baseman's majors.

So yes, the seventh or even eighth place in the line-up seems to be in order at the moment. And if he does not like being dropped so low, he may be motivated to do something about it.

In the meantime, Cano kills the Mets – since he got off his quad injury with 4 to 30 and 1 against 18 in his last five games. Worse, he took a 0-5 lead on Monday night while seven runners stayed behind on the base, including the bases that had two outs in the second inning.

As bad as it sounds, it does not say how dramatic his failures are for the game. For example, suppose Pete Alonso hit the base four times four times and the four thugs following Cano in the line-up made a combined 10-by-18 with two runs. [19659004] Any kind of help from Cano and the Mets could have given a knockout strike to a team that had already been hit by a seven-game losing streak.

Or as the Major League Scout scheduled for this in Philadelphia on Tuesday:

"Let's say Michael Conforto was third and Cano was in the lineup below. (Zach ) Eflin is probably out of the game in the fourth inning. By then, the Mets have eight or nine runs, and Callaway manages the game very differently. "

Okay, the last part is questionable given the state of the Mets. Callaway may have left Steven Matz to give up seven runs in 4 1/3 innings, but maybe he will not go to Brooks Pounders or at least not let the freshman in at five To abandon runs in 1 2/3 innings.

In any case, the point is that the Mets would have scored more runs if Cano had not killed rallies every few innings.

To be true, he hit a few line drives in the infield, but in his most important night use in this multi-base situation, Cano missed a few mistakes from Eflin.

count 2-1, he fouled a 94-mile fastball in the middle, and then he faintly flew out with the count 3-2 to concentrate on the hanging slider.

"He does not miss this when he runs fine," said the scout. "Or at least he's never done it in the past, but now his bat looks a bit slow, and he's always been a great off-speed hitter, but not this year, sometimes when you feel like you have to move fast look and maybe cheat. " Take the (bat) head out, you are more susceptible to the speed.

"That could be what's going on with him, he just did not look the same guy, he always made it easy because he was fast enough on a fastball on the inner half, but he would also pitch On the outer third (of the plate) go the other way.

"Maybe he'll find that beat again, but he's 36, and he had the PED thing last year. At this point, I would not bet on him.

That's exactly what Van Wagenen did, of course, by raising his eyebrows throughout the baseball industry's willingness to at least partially use Cano to land near Edwin Diaz as well.

They wanted that Giving GM the benefit of doubt because it clearly knew and trusted its former customers The PED suspension would not help the former Yankee produce at a high level at nearly 40 years of age.

Cano came after the Suspension last year for 41 games with the Mariners back and looked like the same old Robbie, reaching .317 with a base percentage of .363 and a slugging percentage of .497, an all-star level of .860 OPS

It is now fair to speculate if one year is free from using PEDs, if so In fact, the case is at least partially responsible for its demolition this season. [19659004] "He is at an age when the daily recovery from the wear and tear of the body accounts for a large part of the ability to play at a high level," said the NL Scout. "I'll tell you when he looked really old, was in the middle of it, he made that underhand throw always look easy with his arm strength and agility, and he could not reach him first."

"She scored a goal, but that is a game he did in his sleep, and the arm strength made up for the lack of range. So you wondered how long he will be able to play second base.

In light of this, it should be remembered that the Mets announced at the time of the trade that they believed the DH would be there. They were admitted to the National League within a few years, which means they cano only

Now they are faced with the alarming possibility that he has little to do with the bat. You can understand that Van Wagenen is not going to give up his guy yet, but he does not like his ego one day Do not let obvious movement stand in the way: costs the Mets again.

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