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"F *** Yes, I want to see it"

Since the Justice League has premiered many Warner fans with a studio-approved adaptation with much help from Joss Whedon Bros., to release a version that honors director Zack Snyder and his vision.

These fans can count Jason Momoa as their number because he also wants to cut the fabled Snyder.

MTV News Promoted His Most Recent DC Comics Film Aquaman was asked Momoa for his thoughts on another adaptation of Justice League which is more akin to what Snyder wanted. Momoa gave an open answer, which should surprise no one.

"I am also obsessed with [the Snyder cut]," Momoa replied when asked about fans who decided to release the film.

"That's just one thing shit on our shop where you just can not give your opinion, but yes, I want to see it," Momoa added.

This version of the Justice League would have set out to portray the events of Aquaman in more detail, rather than simply ending the heroes' own path after the battle against the Steppenwolf.

Momoa has so far unveiled details of Snyder's plans for Aquaman's launch to be included in the upcoming solo film.

"In Zack's cut, we had it where I was with Vulko and Mera, and I say I have to go home, and they say 'There's a force' and I need to help, "Momoa told WSVN-TV. "And I'm like," I go home to see my dad & # 39 ;, and so I sit down in a pickup truck, poke a bottle with something and off he goes, the walker knows So what did I mean? That was like the end of " Justice League ", where I went ̵

1; and then we cut ourselves as we come home and roll into a submarine and oh! go to Pops and I think he's just I think he's been gone for so long that he's just trying to somehow return to his roots … "

Warner Bros. originally put all the eggs in Snyder's basket and hoping the visionary director would launch a shared universe that could compete with the success achieved at Marvel Studios. Instead, she prompted the bad reception of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to change course, and announced her plans for a two-part Justice League series at the head of Snyder before cutting him out the process.

Snyder's films received mixed reactions, but as a result of his departure from Warner Bros. & # 39; In the DC Comics universe, he has maintained a significant following with his frequent updates on the obscure social media platform Vero.

His casting decisions continue when Jason Momoa finally gets a solo movie, as Aquaman premieres theater on December 21st.

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