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Fabolous Supposedly, Emily B's front teeth are punched


Emily B claims he

punched out her front teeth

3/30/2018 10:19 PDT

Breaking News

Fabolous got into Emily B the mother of his 2 children, so angry that he beat her 7 times and also threatened to shoot her, as well as her Family Members … According to Law Enforcement

TMZ broke the story … Fabolous surrendered to Wednesday night police and was booked for serious assault and terrorist threats. Emily said police had been overheating with the rapper since the beginning of March when they quarreled in LA.

She claimed that he had later sent her a text in which he would hit her in the head with a baseball bat and kill her … but he did not want to go out like this. Emily claims instead … Fabolous struck her repeatedly in the face and knocked out her 2 front teeth.

Emily says she was dreading her life and remembering that Fabolous has 2 small arms in her home in Englewood, NJ ̵

1; she called her dad to remove her before Fab came home. She told the police … Fabolous was furious when he arrived at the house to find her father and brother, and searched for his weapons.

She claims he stormed out of the house and told her and his family "he had a bullet for them."

NorthJersey.com first reported on Emily's allegations.

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