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Facebook Dating arrives in Canada and Thailand – TechCrunch

Following Tinder's plans to become more casual, Facebook today extends access to its own dating service, Facebook Dating. The social network was established in Colombia two months ago for testing purposes and today runs Facebook dating to Canada and Thailand. The company also adds some new features that coincide with the launch, including the ability to retake transferred persons and pause by, among other things, pausing the service.

If the latter feature is known It is also a dating app that Bumble recently announced.

Bumble launched a snooze button for their own app in September that addressed the issue of many online date ads – the need for a detox for dating apps. Sometimes it's because of frustration or just being busy. At other times, it's because they've worked with someone and want to give them a chance.

Facebook says that you can still send a message to people you've already found in a break Look is also common in dating apps, but is presented in different ways. For example, OKCupid can revive people you've shared, while Tinder's newer feed feature lets you track updates to matches that you previously ignored.

Second Look appears in the settings of Facebook Dating and displays people in reverse chronological order. You can go back through your suggested games and even check people you've inadvertently shared ̵

1; fees are charged for other dating apps.

Also new today is the ability to review a blocked list and support for non-metric items (for things like reach and altitude) and more interactive profile content, including viewable entry points for conversations – such as a hometown or school.

These features will arrive in the new version of Facebook dating introduced today. 19659002] It has also changed the interface a bit. If you now scroll through groups and events to unlock them, they are displayed horizontally rather than horizontally as before.

Facebook says it is now working on a preventive revocation list based on user feedback.

This way, you can search for people who are not already Facebook friends in Facebook dating who you know you do not want to see – for example, an ex you do not be friends with not blocked on Facebook, a family member. etc., the company announces TechCrunch.

You can search for specific people, whether you know they have a dating profile or not. However, if you do, you will not see if this person has a Facebook Dating profile or not.

Preventive blocking is actually pretty smart, as many dating apps today surprise you with people you would rather not see.

Originally announced at F8 this May, Facebook has already figured out some of the bigger details about h. We want his dating service to work. This includes the decision to prevent users from expressing their interest in not more than 100 people per day, and other attitudes to connect the service with strangers or friends.

There's a certain (bad) genius when starting a Facebook dating service, as Facebook is already the place where people – along with Instagram – are looking for their new games and potential data as things get up have developed to this point. In addition, the service can use the data of Facebook. If someone knows who you are and how you are, it is you. This might save users time in answering the "getting to know" questions of apps, which some apps provide to their users to perfect their matching algorithms.

In addition, Facebook helps to position the service for those who want relationships with the leading dating app – Tinder – is known for the opposite. Match is preparing to focus more on young, informal dating than developing things for those interested in serious dating.

The challenge of Facebook is that it lacks users' trust in today's business. And for many, dating is very considerate, very private – not something you want to show off in a network where you're connected to work colleagues, industry peers, and the extended family. While Facebook vows to protect users' privacy, its track record in this area is bad, which could limit the growth of the service.

Facebook has not specified when the service will be introduced in the US nor has it reported the number of previous applications

"We have no specific sharing metrics, but we were pleased with the recent response in Colombia us to introduce them in Thailand and Canada, "said a spokesman.

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