After Facebook pointed it out last year, it now offers its users the option to hide certain tabs in the top navigation bar and disable notification points. The new feature called Shortcut Bar Settings will be phased in for Android users over the coming weeks.

When Facebook first announced the personalization benefits of the navigation bar last year, they sounded useful. Theoretically, the app should analyze your behavior and display only relevant and helpful tabs – at least four (messages, notifications, menu, watch) up to a maximum of six. In reality, the bar has often been used as a placeholder for Facebook to promote its own features such as Marketplace. To make matters worse, the constant presence of the red dots often drew people's attention from their personal notifications to time-consuming group feeds and event pin board posts.

With the new option for the shortcut bar settings, you can now get rid of most of the issues tabs like News, Today In, Events, Groups, Profile, Friend Requests, Games, Dating, Watching and Marketplace. Alternatively, you can keep the tabs but only silence the notification points.

Removing tabs from the shortcut bar or disabling just the notification points is quite simple: Tap and hold a shortcut item and make a selection when a menu like is displayed in the screenshot above. Alternatively, you can tap the three-line More Settings & Privacy> Settings> Shortcuts menu and disable the tabs from there.

In response to TechCrunch's request Facebook said that this feature should no longer be available to all Android users in the coming weeks. Facebook “/>