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Facebook is the latest tech giant to blow Apple’s “App Store Tax”.

“We asked Apple to cut the App Store tax by 30% or offer Facebook Pay so we could cover all costs for companies struggling during COVID-19,” Facebook wrote in a blog post. “Unfortunately, they both turned down our requests and SMEs only get 70% of their hard-earned income.”

The social network plans to alert its users in its app that Apple is getting a 30 percent cut in its purchase price, has submitted the update for Apple approval and is waiting for a response. Apple didn̵

7;t immediately respond to a request for comment.

Facebook wants to reveal Apple's App Store tax to users.


The Android app and Facebook website use Facebook Pay at events, so business owners get the full amount, according to the company.

“What we are pushing is that all technology companies that can afford it support small businesses together with us,” said Facebook Vice President Fidji Simo during an interview with reporters on Friday.

The move makes Facebook the newest tech giant to pounce on Apple as it receives an antitrust review of its App Store policies. It comes a day later Fortite Manufacturer Epic sued the iPhone maker after kicking it Fourteen days from the App Store for trying to bypass Apple’s 30 percent commission. Since then, Spotify and Match Group, owners of Tinder, have issued statements to support EPic’s fight against Apple’s “unfair” policies.

However, this is far from the first time a disagreement between Facebook and Apple has gone public. Apple has repeatedly criticized Facebook for its privacy policies, and Apple bricked Facebook’s internal apps briefly after it was caught violating its corporate application rules.

Simo said the new events feature is designed to help companies hit hardest by closures due to COVID-19. The function uses Facebook Live and is also being tested with Messenger Rooms. It will be available in 20 countries including the US, UK and Australia for sites that adhere to monetization rules.

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