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Facebook restarts "The Real World" to lure people onto its video platform

MTV's The Real World will make a comeback on Facebook.

The social network is working with MTV to launch a reboot of the famous reality show for its Facebook Watch video platform

Facebook is likely hoping that the restart of MTV's long-running favorite, which originally debuted in 1995, will be new Will attract audiences to his watch platform. Watch, which was launched worldwide in late August, has made a buy-in from a number of publishers (including Mashable), but has not produced major hits yet.

But with a popular long-running series, Watch's comeback could help reuse the needle in favor of Facebook.

" The Real World wrote history as the world's first original reality show and groundbreaking social experiment," said Matthew Henick, the head of content planning and strategy at Facebook. "We are excited to restart the show for today's audience ̵

1; by representing and reinforcing the real life, real people, real places and real social tensions of every country."

The real world will be one too The first international shows for Watch: In addition to the debut in the US, the series will also be available in Thailand and Mexico, airing in the spring of 2019.

Facebook's latest program announcement comes as well According to a report that the company is building a dedicated set-top box for streaming Facebook Watch content, the box is unlikely to hit the market until next year, but it also shows How important it is for the company to have a video platform that can compete with YouTube, and increasingly traditional television networks.

Facebook is not alone in this regard. Snapchat also heavily invests in original programming. The app recently announced a new series of shows called Snap Originals to strengthen the credibility of Snapchat as a platform for premium video content. Facebook also recently owned Instagram's long-form video hub, IGTV, which aims to compete with YouTube for the attention of influencers.

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