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Facebook retains all your videos, even if they are not published

Users who download their Facebook data make the surprising discovery that the social media network stores copies of every single video they've taken through the app, even if they have never been published.

The discovery was made by NY Mag, who saw that a user's downloaded Facebook data was filled with discarded footage of them trying to play the flute. After several attempts (which they thought were all thrown away), they finally recorded a video, which was then posted to the wall of a friend.

However, all rejected attempts were later discovered in the downloaded Facebook data.

How much Of the other data that users discover on Facebook, the social network has your permission to keep these videos because the terms and conditions state that it can capture the content you create on the platform. If you're using Facebook's camera app to film a video, you've technically created it with Facebook and eventually agreed to let the social network stick to it.

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Like most of what is found out about our Facebook data after the Cambridge Analytica scandal is not that the company has no permission to access it, but that people did not know that permission was granted at all.

A typical example is the fact that Facebook was at one point able to scrap call and text metadata on Android phones. People gave the green light to the company, but many did not know exactly what they agreed to.

In the wake of the scandal, Facebook has announced it is making major changes to its privacy settings, but with the company's freefall share price and research in the UK and US, it's still not clear whether its reputation will recover.

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