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Facebook scandal whistleblower says that data has been used to undermine democracy: the two-way: NPR

Whistleblower Christopher Wylie claims that the UK campaign to leave the EU was cheated in the 2016 referendum.

Alastair Scholarship / AP

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Alastair Grant / AP

Whistleblower Christopher Wylie claims that the UK campaign to leave the EU was cheated in the 2016 referendum.

Alastair Grant / AP

The Facebook scandal surrounding the misuse of user information has reached a Canadian data analysis company. And a whistleblower says he believes the firm, which has ties to the Trump presidential campaign, may have influenced the 2016 British Brexit vote.

Christopher Wylie, who has worked at Cambridge Analytica and has loudly raised allegations about the company, has abused data from up to 50 million Facebook users, a committee in the British Parliament said that a Canadian company allegedly affiliated with Cambridge Analytica , which developed software with which the Trump campaign addressed voters in the 2016 US presidential campaign.

Wylie said When Trump won the 2016 US presidential election, he began to realize the impact of the company's work. Shortly after Trump's inauguration, he attacked a reporter at The Guardian initially as an anonymous source.

It was then that he "appreciated that the projects I worked on had a much greater impact than I had originally expected," Wylie said, adding, "Donald Trump takes it in the head "I do not believe that military-style information operations are conducive to any democratic process."

Wylie also claims that the overall IQ broke the UK's spending limits to influence the 2016 referendum, which called for Brexit The United Kingdom's exit from the European Union on the move

"I think it's perfectly reasonable to say that the referendum would have had a different outcome if I had not cheated," Wylie told the MP.

At the beginning of Wylie's testimony before the Committee on Digital, Cultural and Sports Affairs of the R epräsentantenhauses said the chairman Damian Collins, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg have not accepted an Invi the statement that the company's chief product officer, Chris Cox, speaks in his place.

After hearing hours of Wylie's evidence, Collins was more angry. He called it "absolutely amazing" that Zuckerberg declined, saying that he "would urge him to think again if he cares about the people who use his company's services."

Wylie portrayed Cambridge Analytica and its parent company Strategic Communication Laboratories as completely unquestioned at breaking laws and undermining democracies around the world.

"They do not care if or not what they do is legal as long as it does the job," he said. "By and large, it is a company that goes around the world, undermining the civil institutions of countries struggling to develop these institutions, and exemplifying what modern colonialism looks like."

Aggregated IQ has said that it has "never been knowingly involved in illegal activities."

Aggregate IQ, the Canadian firm allegedly acting illegally in the UK referendum, has publicly denied links between Cambridge Analytica or SCL.

"Aggregate IQ was and is not part of Cambridge Analytica or SCL," the company said. "Aggregate IQ has never signed a contract with Cambridge Analytica."

Wylie claimed that Aggregate IQ acted as a "proxy money-laundering instrument" to invite illegal funds into campaigns calling for the UK to leave the European Union] Christopher Wylie was a part-time businessman who resigned in July 2014 and since that date has no direct knowledge of our work or practice.

– Cambridge Analytica (@CamAnalytica) March 27, 2018

Cambridge Analytica, said he received "absolutely shared data" from Facebook users with Aggregate IQ. Aggregate IQ allegedly used that data to create the Ripon software, the election software platform used in the US presidential election.

"You can not have targeting software that does not access the database," Wylie added. He stated that he had submitted to the committee documents proving this.

Cambridge Analytica has denied that the aggregated IQ was harvested with the data it collected through a personality quiz from Global Science Research. "Cambridge Analytica has not shared GSR data with AIQ, and since December 2015, we have no communication with AIQ anymore," the company said in a tweet .

Wylie pointed to a report by Gizmodo Monday, indicating that internal documents from Cambridge Analytica show that Aggregate IQ developed its voting platform, adding that Aggregate IQ has also inherited "much of the corporate culture of total disregard for the law" ,

Wylie personally supported the "abandonment" campaign, as he told the committee, but was disturbed by what he saw as a threat to the democratic process. He pointed to the fact that a wide range of entities and parties supporting Leave chose the Aggregate IQ, a society he had previously declared non-public.

"If you look at the accumulation of evidence," he said, "I think it would be completely unreasonable to come to a different conclusion than this coordination, this must be a common purpose plan."

Wylie claimed that Aggregate IQ individuals bragged him for their "completely illegal" behavior

He also told lawmakers that his predecessor, SCL, the parent, had mysteriously died in Kenya.

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