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Facebook secretly pays users for full access to their data

Instead of downloading the app via the App Store or Apple's own TestFlight beta testing program, users were given three different beta testing services: BetaBound, uTest, and Applause. These three services featured ads targeted specifically at Instagram and Snapchat targeting those ages 1

3-35. It is a "paid social media study". When registering for the app, minors are asked to seek parental leave through a form. One of the forms states, "There are no known risks associated with the project, but you acknowledge that the inherent nature of the project involves the tracking of personal information about your child's use of apps."

Here is the text from a disclaimer Users download the app Facebook Research by Applause (obtained from TechCrunch):

"By installing the software, you give our customer permission to collect data from your phone that will help you Understand how to surf the web and how to use the features in the apps you have installed, which means that you are collecting information from our customers, such as which apps are stored on your phone, how and when You use them to interact with your activities and the content in these apps as other people interact with you or your content in those apps, and you also collect information about your internet browsing activities (including the websites you visit and the exchange of data between your device and these websites) and your use of other online services.There are cases when our client uses these Collect information even when the app uses encryption or from secure browser sessions.

According to Will Strafach, a security expert hired by TechCrunch, the level of access Facebook searches for is the provisioned app that could cause the company to collect all kinds of data, including private messages, instant messaging chats with photos and videos Emails, web activities, and even location information.

Instead of downloading the app from Apple, they would download from Apple a separate Facebook URL that asks them to install an Enterprise Developer certificate and give the company root access Applause even asks users to provide screen shots of their Amazon order history If the VPN is still active and the data is sent Facebook would pay them via e-gift certificates.

Facebook has TechCrunch's existence This program confirms: "How many companies We invite people to to participate in a research that helps us to identify things that we can do better. Because this research is designed to help Facebook better understand how users use their mobile devices, we have detailed information about the types of information we collect and how they can participate. We do not share this information with others, and participants can stop attending at any time. "

According to the Facebook spokesman, the company does not violate Apple's rules because the app was distributed as part of Apple's Apple Certificate program, but the certificate program is intended primarily for internal developers rather than Apple public beta version where users are paid, it is not clear if this is true.

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