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Facebook starts tournaments as part of a social distancing campaign

Facebook today launched tournaments, a feature of its gaming platform that allows users to put together a gaming contest. It’s apparently good for sports, though it’s meant for regular users who want to compete during social distancing.

While the tournaments are apparently still at an early stage, anyone can use them. You can organize one using the “Create tournament event” option in Facebook Gaming. Facebook added in a Twitter announcement (Ironically) that streamers could also use tournaments to host charity events as their live streaming tools now include support for them.

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Tournaments were supposed to help Facebook build an esport platform, but the current global situation prompted the company to introduce this platform early. The imagination is that regular players could use the feature to put together their own social distancing gaming tournaments. Mina Abouseif, the engineer behind tournaments, told VentureBeat:

Our mission for Facebook games is to build the global gaming community. Organized gameplay has always been an important part of gaming, regardless of the level of competition. Whether it is someone who gets together with family and friends, whether it is a creator of a tournament for spectators or not supporter, or whether it is an esports organization, this is a big part of the game.

Tournaments are also part of Facebook’s efforts as part of the World Health Organization’s Play Apart Together campaign, which aims to encourage people to engage in social interaction through games. So the idea is that if a group of people wants to have a small competition – for example a group of streamers – it will be easier.

Facebook has been trying to make its gaming platform a streaming / esport paradise for some time, and even goes as far as to join the struggle for popular streamers. So far, it has contracted a number of popular streamers for the platform, and tournaments would be the next big boost to its profile.

Here you will find all tournaments organized by people – or one of your own.

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