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Facebook stock dives on FTC probe and news notes users' call logs

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A Federal Trade Commission investigation is the latest bad news to beat Facebook after the agency on Monday issued a covert investigation of the social media giant

"The FTC is determined to use all its privacy protection tools," said Tom Pahl, deputy director of the Consumer Protection Bureau of the FTC, in a statement. "The FTC takes the recent press reports very seriously and raises significant concerns about Facebook's privacy practices."

Facebook has been on the spot since the revelations of Cambridge Analytica became public, the outcry is growing and legislators call the CEO Mark Zuckerberg Capitol Hill

Facebook's stock fell 6 percent on news from the probe, another Sign that public opinion against Silicon Valley's golden child seems to be turning. A Survey Monkey survey commissioned by Axios shows that the popularity of the social network has dropped 28 points since October, nearly double that of any other technology giants.

The #deletefacebook hashtag continues to thrive on social media Facebook, with tech billionaire Elon Musk, added more visibility to the movement last week when it cleared the Facebook page for two of its companies, Tesla and SpaceX

However, it is not clear how many other users actually dare to break away from the world's largest social media platform ̵

1; which for some users accounts for most of their online experience.

There was also evidence that automated botnets were involved in the hashtag extension.

On Sunday, Illinois became the first state to file a lawsuit against Facebook and Cambridge Analytica demanding a "fraudulent scheme" to collect millions of American voters' data. "

" This type of mass data collection was not only allowed, but also promoted by Facebook to keep the developers on their platform and provide companies with all the tools they need to influence and manipulate user behavior "That's because Facebook is not a social media company, but the largest existing data mining operation."

The same day, Facebook confirmed that SMS and call records for millions of People who use Android phones are available to Facebook Messenger, which leads to a growing backlash about the company's handling of user data leading to its record-breaking profits.

Since the news that the data company Cambridge Analytica launched the Facebook Platform misused to download unauthorized data of over 50 million users have their own Facebook data to see how much the social network is informed about them.

One of them was the developer Dylan McKay, who announced last week that his file showed a call log from every single reputation he had made in the last few years. The data included who the call came or went from, date, time and duration. The calls were not made through Facebook or any of his apps, it was just the calls he made with his phone.

When the tweet became viral, other users replied that they saw the same call history in the data

On Sunday, the social networking giant confirmed that it had recorded the call history and tried to suppress some of the criticisms by stressing that the affected users had opted for the process.

"Call and text history Logging is part of an opt-in feature for users of Messenger or Facebook Lite on Android," the company wrote. "It helps you find and stay connected to the people you care about, so you can have a better experience on Facebook."

Once the messenger app is enabled, your contacts, call history and text history will be uploaded continuously.

A Facebook screenshot of the "Continue Upload" contact login screen on Messenger for Android. Facebook

Facebook has stressed that it does not sell the data and does not record the text messages or the audio of the calls themselves

There's no record of how many users recorded their story, and there are over 1.2 billion Facebook Messenger users since 2017. The Android operating system dominates the smartphone market, capturing over 80 percent of the market share. Users do not seem to be affected.

"It's very unusual for apps to collect call log data because most of them do not have a clear purpose."

"It's very unusual for apps to capture call log data most of them have no clear purpose. "

According to experts, it is not common for apps to record the call history of their users.

" It's very unusual for apps to capture calls log data, as the vast majority of them have no clear purpose, "Jason said Hong, an associate professor of computer science at Carnegie Mellon University, examined the privacy app.

He said Facebook could have done it with "friendship referrals" or better calculate what friends should appear in your feed. [19659004] But such statements are unlikely to regain the confidence of users who are still affected by revelations from a data company linked to the Trump campaign – a specially designed app to trick users into gi – they've collected two dozen data points about their friends Facebook could not stop or fix the problem even though it was discovered years ago.

The Scripture r Avi Bagla tweeted that starting in 2015, when he started using an Android phone logged into Facebook Messenger, "Since that time, Facebook has a complete log of every phone call and SMS I've sent. WTF. "

A screenshot he sent to NBC News showed the call history for over a dozen different calls, whether the call was incoming or outgoing, the name of the person Other callers and the time and duration of the call except for the very second second.

Bagla said he was a "privacy junkie" who usually decides on a few permits and was "shocked" when he got his call logs in the call The file looked to a friend that he had "not recognized that any calls or text messages I have used outside the app have been counted in connection with the service."

After nearly a week of silence, Zuckerberg said in a Faceb ook Post last Wednesday that the violations were a "breach of trust" and promised to "fix" the problems. Facebook took fu ll-page ads in major newspapers over the weekend asking for forgiveness and pledging.

"I'm sorry we did not do that at the time," read the ads with Zuckerberg's signature. "We're taking steps now to make sure that does not happen again."

The ads also said the company expected "others" such as the Cambridge Analytica app and promised to find, ban and tell affected users.

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