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Facebook to merge Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp | Dexerto.com

Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and the message feature inside Instagram.

Facebook Messenger Merge

Facebook messenger app. Instead, all three of Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp want to remain stand-alone messaging services.

However, their background infrastructure will be modified.

Messages between the three services would be a less fragmented messaging market. It would also result in more active users within the Facebook ecosystem.

Elsewhere, some users on social media took the time to make a joke of the news.

Messaging Encryption

is also a big part of the plan to include end-to-end encryption.

Consequendy, a Facebook Messenger user would be able to read the messages

Facebook Disagreements

The surprise plan is a backtrack of Mark Zuckerberg's previous stance on the messaging apps. Originally, he said Instagram and WhatsApp operate separately from Facebook.

Since buying Instagram and Whatsapp in 201

2 and 2014, respectively, the original founders of those apps have been using Facebook.

Moreover, WhatsApp has been reported that current employees were upset with this latest project. Regardless, the plan to go ahead.

Data Privacy

Interestingly, Facebook and Instagram require users to provide real identities to their own services. Conversely, you can sign up for WhatsApp with just a phone number.

This could result in more security conscious users leaving the service.

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The online messaging market is a bit fragmented at the moment , With different continents favoring particular messaging apps, this project is becoming part of a longer-term plan for Facebook to become the leading messaging service in the world. The likes of Apple's iMessage and Tencent's WeChat will no doubt be considered.

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