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Facebook’s first TikTok clone failed and tried another

Facebook announced this week that it will shutdown two of its experimental apps, one of which is the first TikTok clone. But don’t worry, Facebook doesn’t give up its usual tricks – another TikTok clone is waiting in the starting blocks.

The two apps that Facebook closes are Lasso, the TikTok clone mentioned above, and Hobbi, a Pinterest lookalike. Both were developed by Facebook’s New Product Experimentation team and have been published in recent years. Both were immediately called for their similarity to other apps – even the positive reviews for Lasso compare it to TikTok.

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7;t think I can judge Facebook really hard for the bare attempts to steal the gimmicks of other platforms – it worked, on Instagram and Snapchat. It should come as no surprise that the company tries the same trick again. But maybe that was too much once? On the one hand, I can name the times when I heard that someone was talking about lasso – no hands when we count outside of my job.

Instead, Facebook seems to be putting its resources into its Instagram-based TikTok competitor Reels. This is not a separate app, but a feature in Instagram that allows users to film music videos in short. This is not alone – YouTube is launching a similar feature to target the TikTok crowd.

Several of the heads of state of social media, including Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg, have expressed their aversion to TikTok and its parent company. While some of them disguised it as a fear of the safety and privacy of their users, Sandberg revealed in an interview the likely true source of hostility: the meteoric rise of TikTok has cut into young people’s offerings on Facebook. Sandberg even admitted that her children are big TikTok users.

The only reason I think reels Power Every success is that governments around the world are starting to take action against TikTok. The app has been banned in India, while supposedly undergoing a national security check in the United States. There is also a possibility that some users will appreciate that the feature has been built into a familiar app instead of having to use a separate app – but I feel like TikTok is The primary social app for many young people who are not concerned with the new Instagram feature.

Both Lasso and Hobbi will be closed on July 10th.

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