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Facebook's News Feed is starting to explain itself

Facebook has announced a new feature called "Why am I seeing this post?" Which allows you to read about it Facebook already provides for ads. As well as seeing why a post has appeared, it also wants to give you control over how often you see posts like it in the future.

You can access the new option by using the drop-down menu in the top right of the post. Once opened, you'll be shown Facebook's logic for why you might want to see a post amount of times you've been interacting with the post author in the past, the types of posts you're about to interact with, and the overall popularity of the post itself.

As well as explaining why your news feed is showing you a certain post see posts like it again in the future. These include See First and Unfollow options, as well as linking to your News Feed Preferences.

Image: Facebook

The service's existing "Why I'm seeing this ad?"

The 'Why I'm seeing this ad?' Feature is now show when your email address has been matched against a mailing list. feature is updated as part of the changes. Facebook already gives you basic information about how to advertise your life and gender. Now you'll see more details how to search the advertiser has posted your email address in it.

We've long been arguing that Facebook's News Feed needs to start explaining itself. However, it does not fix the more fundamental problems with the service as the the "filter bubble," the idea that personalization tools from companies like it and created it. [19659009] The changes are rolling out this week, and are expected to be open to all by the middle of May.

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