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Facebook's "wanted" ad causes the suspect to turn itself on

by Elizabeth Kayser | KOMOnews.com

Facebook's "Wanted" ad leads to a suspect hiring himself (PHOTO: Richland Police Department)

On November 28, the Richland Police Department posted a "Wanted Wednesday." on Facebook through the Department of Corrections, which seeks to find information about the suspect Anthony Akers, 38. The post contained a photo of Akers, claiming he had been searched for non-compliance.

To the surprise of many, Akers commented on the post about five hours later:

After two days, Richland's police had not yet seen Akers, so they decided to offer him a ride.

Akers and Richland The police talked more about the post.

After the weekend was over, Akers still had not refused, and Richland Police tried again:

Akers responded and promised to report by noon the next day.

The comment reads:

"Richland WA Police Department Dear RPD, it's not me, it's me, it seems I have commitment problems, I apologize for getting up, but let me do that I'll be there tomorrow at noon tomorrow, I know you have no reason to believe me after what I've done to you, but I promise you, if I'm not going to make it on my own tomorrow, I'll call a ride to help me Thank you in advance for your answer, if you patiently give me another chance with us, I know I did not deserve it.

PS You are beautiful (kiss emoji) "

Akers turned on a Tuesday; As proof, a selfie is published at the police station.

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