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Fadol Brown's play on boxing points could help him make Raiders

SEATTLE – Fadol Brown had an excellent Friday against the Green Bay Packers. The first year Raiders defensive end had seven tackles, 1

.5 sacks and a forced fumble in this preseason game.

Head coach Jon Gruden was focused on the stance line. He took part in something else.

Its factor degrees.

"Forget the sack and a half, he was rewarded," Gruden said. "His factor-grade, stress, penetrations, chase games, were very, very good for a defensive end.I know he did not compete against Packers's first team.I know he has not seen Aaron Rodgers, but it everything is relative, he has done many good things. "

A positive review came from the feature film. Another came from Donald Penn, an offensive tackle who has parked with him several times in practice.

"Fadol is out there and firing," said two-time Pro Bowler. "He has a great camp, hats off to him."

That could be the biggest compliment of all. That's good when offensive tackles take you apart.

Brown has a high engine that pushes every day, every workout. This has gotten him into some scuffles, but the intensity on the field shows how badly he wants to take this opportunity.

Brown is stuck on the roster bubble going towards the last cut of Saturday. The show finale on Thursday in Seattle will not change much its position, not after mountains of play and exercise band have already been evaluated. The Raiders know what he can do and how he fits into the scheme.

He loves the plan and the new coaching team, especially after a frustrating freshman year in which he did not feel the previous regime had given him a fair shake. He ended up in the practice group and thought at the end of last year that he would come to another active duty roster. That didn `t work. He is grateful that he has decided to return to the Raiders and work with Gruden and Guenther.

"It was one of the smartest decisions I've made so far," Brown said. "I love these guys, I love the new coaches, since the first day they're here, they demand what they ask of everyone, a second grader or six years in the league, does not matter."

Brown has nothing to regret, no matter what happened on Saturday or the inevitable roster that shuffles afterwards.

"There are a lot of people focusing on making their future better this week," said Brown. "I'm just trying to do everything I can to gain an advantage, and I'll do everything I can to put myself in the best position to be successful."

Packers' performance put him in a better position and made friends and call family to celebrate a good job. He did not dive into texts and voicemails after the game and decided to stay centered.

"I do not want to be high or too low on myself or what happened in the preseason," said Brown. "Every week it starts again, and I have to keep grinding and pushing ahead."

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