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Faith Evans and Stevie J Wedding Blindsids and Hurts Friends and Family

Faith Evans & Stevie J

Wedding stuns friends and family …

Where was the invitation?

19.07.2018 1:00 pm PDT


The Marriage of Stevie J and Faith Evans not only surprised us … their loved ones and close friends were also taken aback, and they are not happy about it.

Family sources on both sides tell TMZ … they were never given a heads-up marriage, was even a possibility.

We were told there was never a hint of a wedding. Faith was preparing for a trip to London in LA, and Stevie was in Atlanta for "Love & Hip Hop" … so the Vegas rendezvous that ended in "I do" has all been pressing.

Our sources say There are many hurt feelings among those who are close to the couple … especially their children. We were told that Faith's son, CJ Wallace ̵

1; her child with Biggie Smalls – is particularly upset … because he is also Stevie's godson.

Family sources on Faith's side tell us … Faith told them that Stevie J had gone to her on Tuesday and told her that they would have to marry that day. The sources believe Stevie J knew that if Faith started telling friends and family that she married him, then they would talk her out of it.

And, you know … Friends and family members blew up Faith's cell phone on Wednesday and asked why they did it. She responded by sending them a song that she had just recorded with Stevie J, "A Minute" with the explanation … it only took a minute to fall in love.

As we reported … Faith and Stevie in their hotel room on Tuesday around 10:30 pm. It's his first marriage and her third.

We've been told that a number of friends and family are so embittered … Faith and Stevie are not getting wedding gifts.

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