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Falcon’s GM is confident that Todd Gurley’s knees will withstand physical control

Atlanta Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff was confident on Tuesday that the three-time Pro Bowl that Todd Gurley is returning to will withstand the team’s upcoming physical strain despite well-documented concerns about Gurley’s left knee health.

Gurley, the 2017 NFL offensive player who was fired from the Los Angeles Rams on March 19, faced persistent questions about his knee after his Rams period ended. The brass of the Rams never confirmed a report about the 25-year-old Gurley with arthritis in the knee, which was surgically repaired in 2014.

“We looked at it closely,” said Dimitroff of Gurley’s health. “We have a language in our contracts that will protect us and the player. If the player comes in and has a problem that he may not pass a physical exam, we will look into it. We will not look at that.”

; it this way [of Gurley possibly failing the physical]. In our minds we think that Todd Gurley is coming in … he really cares about his body and he will keep working on it.

“We will continue to be very attentive to what we are dealing with. We are very comfortable with it. Of course this is a tough game and a warrior game. We know that. … But he is tough.” Runner. And he’s an excellent soccer player. We count on him being an excellent football player for us. “

Gurley, who signed a four-year $ 60 million extension ($ 45 million guaranteed) with the Rams prior to the 2018 season, officially approved a one-year $ 6 million contract with the Falcons, although the contract is still pending. The new league facility closure rules following the COVID 19 outbreak have prevented players like Gurley from taking physical items with their new teams. There is no set date when Gurley will take his physical with the hawks. According to the team, all incoming falcon agents will be physically treated by the team doctors in due course. This means that independent doctors are not involved.

When Dimitroff urged Gurley to pass the physical exam, he remained firm.

“I feel good about the trust in the existence of the physical contract,” said Dimitroff. “Of course we have to pay particular attention to this. We look at it very closely and I feel good about it.

“As for him, when and when he joins our team – what I will say if he overhauls our physical condition – I think he will do a very good job contributing to this offense. Think about all of the skills that he brings to the table for us, not only as a runner, but also as a man who can catch the ball. We are again very encouraged by what he can add to us. “

The Falcons added Gurley after they released the two-time Pro Bowl that Devonta Freeman ran back. The team’s current group of running backs include Gurley, Ito Smith, Qadree Ollison and Brian Hill, who have extended a $ 2.133 million one-year restricted free agent bid.

Gurley’s work includes 5,404 career rushing yards and 58 rushing touchdowns on 1,265 carries, as well as 12 touchdown receptions. Some now see it as the ideal red zone and as a backlog in a hawk crime that features one-time MVP Matt Ryan, decades-old recipient Julio Jones, and fast-growing recipient Calvin Ridley.

The Falcons ended last season as 30th out of 32 teams in rushing with an average of 85.1 rushing yards per game. Dimitroff said during the combine that the team would try to give the mix a high speed that is running back. Though he believes in Gurley’s explosiveness, Dimitroff did not rule out adding another one to the mix.

“I think Todd is explosive. I think Todd can still wear the skirt very, very well and he will be a great playmaker,” said Dimitroff. “I think we have a group of running backs that can contribute. I firmly believe that it is of course not just about one person who does all the runs. We are a big mix-up team. We think that is very good important part of making sure we get our boys nuts there.

“It doesn’t mean that we’re not looking for someone else who may have speed in the design. We’ll continue to look at that. But we feel really good about the group of running backs we have with Todd Gurley on the front of the line. “

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