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Fallen Order Bugs force players to start the game from scratch

Players going through the newly released Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order should take care and find a way to secure their parries if possible. We are now aware of two places in the game where players have no way to move forward and find a way out, but to start a new game from scratch.

The first place is on Dathomir, where a planet player can visit a couple hours in the game, although they are generally too weak to access much of it at this time. Planetary Level in Fallen Order are nonlinear spaces filled with hidden passages, and Dathomir is largely restricted until you have gained some later powers of power with which you can handle them. Players who are not very deep in Dathomir will find a rift that they should not overcome before they have gained some key skills. The problem is that some players, including Kotaku podcaster Kirk Hamilton, could accidentally overcome that gap in an unpleasant jump, and then get stuck. After this jump, the path behind the player is locked and the path in front of him leads to areas that require powers that the player does not have.

Kirk was in the game for 1

0 hours, about 47% of favor The order was erased when he realized that he had sunk in the proverbial swamp without Yoda to lift him-jump and force push. If you accidentally manage without these powers, you probably will not have to get any further and restart the game. "data-poster-src =" "data-anim-src =" "data-cropped =" false "class =" dv4r5q-1 hEuYft "/>

Warning (and possibly a spoiler): DO NOT try this one Jump in Dathomir unless you have a double jump and force push, and if you accidentally make it without those powers, you probably will not have to get ahead and restart the game.

He could not and would not leap He was playing on a PC that did not have any useful backups to fall back on.

EA's help forums contain six pages of commentary from people in Dathomir, many of them accidentally overriding it Leaping before they had the strength they needed to continue reporting from PC, PS4 and Xbox One players.

"Yeah, thank you for pointing that out," said an EA member. Employees to Kotaku : "We sin d aware of this problem and working on a solution. We will continue to work on the performance of the game and release patches as needed so players can spend their time enjoying the game.

For now, players should avoid this Dathomir jump until they get the Force Push of the game and double jump moves.

It's not just this avoidable jump on Dathomir. At the end of last week, a player named Keith Mitchell ran a PC copy of the game as he reached a sequence on the planet Kashyyyk. In a script sequence, pressing a button on the character's droid buddy should have attacked two enemies. It did not work out and got him stuck because he could not get to the next part of the level. Restarting the game did not help, and his saved file did not bring him back far enough to let him go anywhere. Attempting to grab EA and Respawn's attention also failed. There is a thread in the forums of EA where people are stuck at this point, but not a word about a workaround.

Mitchell was stunned. "I live for this kind of games," he said Kotaku . He said he had spent a great deal of time breaking through the Fallen Order to this point. Finally, he decided to start over again and overcome this part without problems on his second run. "I mean, when Respawn did not answer and you really wanted to play," he said, "not much you can do."

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